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  1. You legend! Thanks alot, I had completely forgotten the name.
  2. Does anyone remember a tool mentioned on BinRev a while ago, It was for Wireless Lans and allowed you to control the user's acces to it/show them a nice start page. Like the software run commercially (e.g in starbucks if you connect to their WLan you'd be presented with a nice screen asking you for money), i'm sure it was mentioned on a show and have searched through show notes but found nothing. Anyone remember this program? Thanks.
  3. Weird A Spammer copied the URL from the top and mistakenly copied their own l/p/etc? Or alternatively a spammer wants you to sign up with their selected username and password and pay for whatever it is that site pays for.
  4. Hello I wrote about RM here: http://lists.seifried.org/pipermail/securi...ber/004764.html Some cool stuff you can do with them ^ But yeah, RM systems have to be the most accessable/retarded attempts at security i've ever seen.
  5. It's just a php script using the GD Module and the $_SERVER var. kern_alert just posted the code.
  6. Does anyone read anyone else's posts in this forum? I see a page of repetition..
  7. it's not on GameSurge, that's just the channel name. There server name is 'x Jon'
  8. i've used this before, it's a great little tool. I'd use this, but be warned: it will break NTFS encrypted files. By default i don't think Win2k encrypts them, but some may be.
  9. I'd guess that he's downloaded some C Code for a DDoS bot ( see: http://bots.bl.am/ ) and compiled it, maybe with a few modifications. From that Screenshot: the bots appear to be spreading through the lsass vuln. I haven't watched the "bot scene" in a while so i can't identify the type of bot. He's hosting them on his own IRCd so we can't find them unless we get the I.P. He's got a huge net. He's a lame skript kiddie and a DDoS kiddie which is pretty damn low, especially as he's taking credit for other's work, but i wouldn't piss him off.. from the size of that net it looks like he could DDoS the hell out of you and seriously slow down any websites you own. Also: A 14 year old is perfectly capable of creating botnets, infact most DDoS attacks are done by them. Alot of people in the '"bot scene" drop out when they hit 18 for legal reasons.
  10. dot tk and full of script kiddie tools. I like it.
  11. It's a great idea, unforunately it seems to depend upon iTunes..which i despise.
  12. http://sourceforge.net/projects/torrenttracker/ Check http://sf.net and Google. I'm sure there are others too.
  13. Ah, ScriptKiddie scanners. Back on those days X-Scan was good, not sure about it now. Isn't "CORE IMPACT" supposed to be the ultimate security scanner? I think it costs money though: http://www.coresecurity.com/products/coreimpact/index.php
  14. nmap is the way! then telnet for your own investigation of the open ports you find. I'm not sure which scanner is best for OS Recognition? nmap seems to do a decent job.
  15. Is the problem just that the maximum individual file size is 10mB or that the maximum total file size is 10mB? If it's the first, you could always split the large into 10mB files with WinRAR/etc.