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  1. I would be paranoid to have an unsecured wireless access point. What if someone stumbles upon it and uses it for credit card fraud or downloading illegal material? I wouldn't want to be involved in that.
  2. So what's going down with Default Radio? Haven't heard much about it lately. There hasn't been a new ep since February.
  3. Probably a thumb drive with Cain & Abel, Wireshark, and some file manager on it.
  4. I wonder how many people will be switching to non-Microsoft operating systems because of this.
  5. I've found many numbers like these when scanning local CLEC exchanges. What exactly is it remote access to? It's very vague.
  6. That's true, I don't. But I still feel somewhat safer using Tor than I do connecting directly through a proxy. At least the person operating the exit node can't determine where the data is being sent from/to.
  7. Thanks. That's a good point. So you've found FreeCap to be reliable enough? Any hints on getting a command prompt(cmd.exe) to work through it? Yes, I find FreeCap reliable. I have no problems at all getting cmd.exe to work through it. Simply add cmd.exe to your list of applications. Should work without any problems.
  8. I'm kind of paranoid about using open proxies. For example, how do I know that whoever is running the proxy server isn't keeping logs? How do I know it's not actually some kind of honeypot runned by the feds? Those are things you can never be too certain of. Instead, I use Tor. I "sockisfy" my programs to connect via Tor by using FreeCap.
  9. Those new features look very interesting. I definetely have use for the CNAM lookup feature. Can't wait to get my hands on v0.08.
  10. If the modem is USB you might need to. If it's not, then you will probably need to download your ethernet card's drivers.
  11. So you want it all to yourself, huh? A few years ago someone asked me where to download music and movies. I mentioned the concept of Usenet and newsgroups to them. They found it too difficult. I did everything but draw this person a map on how to do it. The average Joe Sixpack doesn't want to go through the hassle of downloading binaries off Usenet newsgroups. So I wouldn't worry about it.
  12. Did you actually test that link while posting? I get a "HTTP 401 Gone" error when I try that link. I also tried the method you described with a different YouTube video to no avail.
  13. I think what the original poster is asking for is how to fetch the .mp4 file directly from YouTube without using any 3rd party site. Edit: I just tried KeepVid using a YouTube video URL to see where they are getting the .mp4 file from. It appears they are actually getting the file from Google (,, not YouTube.
  14. Well if someone is doing something illegal, they would be pretty stupid to return to the scene of the crime. The smart thing to do would be to use different open wireless networks each time, and never the same one twice.