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  1. Theres so good documentation here e.g. how to setup a wireless access point to connect to the billboards.
  2. Hi Does anyone know how to do a formula that detects that H3 says DG if it is true than add the price in cell I3 to the cell F33 if false do nothing, and then same but CP instead of DG, but doing this in the range I3-I15. so at the end it should give the total amount of all the cells in I3-I15 that says DG/CP into the total of cells F33/F34. Hope i make sense Daniel
  3. i think this is a good idea id be able to get down to london on most weekends, along with my mate. probs somewhere near covent gardens would be good as we can stop in at cyber candy
  4. Hi i have just been given 2 CCTV Cameras but they have had the cables cut. so im just left with 2 CCTV cameras with 4 cables sticking out. a red, black, yellow and blue. i take it the red and black are power but what do the yellow and blue need connecting to. Also i have a TV but it doesnt have scart or anything except the aerial in. is there a way i can use the aerial in to connect scart to the TV. Thanks Dan
  5. Stop flaming him, its up to him to quit and i probably would of because i hate scams and spam emails. and its probably a repetitive job. i personally believe trikk, and think they are trying to scare him, theres no harm in giving people benefit of the doubt. i think the best thing to do is get a lawyer and just talk to them.
  6. Thankyou i have sorted it out now but theres one more question. i will be connecting the cameras to coax cable does anyone know the two pins on scart that they go on. its got no audio just video. will it be something like pin 17 and 19.
  7. Could you give us a make/model of the cameras? Probably could use an old VCR as a RF modulator so you can use the TV... That's pretty much what I am doing with my 'parking lot cam' Thankyou great idea. the makes of the cameras are i cant see a make there is ring plc model 55050 for one of them, and the other one is a crimewatch system camera. they both have 4 cables.
  8. quite good but its still not really a 25 hour day just 24 and a bit more light
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  10. i can provide one for nearly any price tell em what u want nd ill reply
  11. whats a moko freerunner?
  12. net tools cain and abel winpcap ethereal
  13. Sorry i thought i would be confusing but t3st.s3t got the jist. what i want to do is i have a column that says DG or CP then next to that there is a column of money, if it say DG i want it to add the money next to it, to another total cell, and then the same for CP Thanks
  14. not really youve just gone weapon mental, not as computer based as the other one
  15. wow nice setup this is the kind of thing im trying to achive but i think ill base it around your now nice.
  16. sound good i was thinking of doing a project like this although my laptop is a pain and takes pci express. post how it goes because i think this is a better idea than mine.
  17. Hi im doing a debate on has the internet created soical rejects, i think no whereas other people think yes but people dont know that you can make friends on the internet. i have quite a lot of points on against. does anyone else have any good points i should mention for against. Thanks Daniel p.s. i will post the finished thing when i have finished it
  18. Thankyou for all your help but in the end we lost the debate, but we changed the teachers opinion. We mainly lost because of who we where up against, the popular people. Thankyou Daniel
  19. hi recently someone i knows credit card has had lots of money taken from it, we were told that credit card chips cant be cloned, or theres no way of getting his pin, is this true? thankyou daniel
  20. i do like the eee pc but theres a better on that my mates on about getting with a detatchable keyboard and everything ill ask him and post back what it is, or you can send him a message hacker-supreme
  21. as i post i am having this problem and am uninstalling loads of stuff, and moving my non important but documents i need to my external hard drive. Couldnt you use the ubuntu partitioner when you boot it from the cd to resize it?
  22. im on now and its working fine 07:19 GMT
  23. you could make on of these so called fancy computers that as the advert says "a whole computer forsecurity" and just dedicate on of themfor that and the others which i would love to do is make a cluster a calculate pie to a lot o digits or shove one behind the tv and use it as a media server, i alsolove to have on of those
  24. u know u said taking the battery out didnt work did you actually take the power cable out the back and leaving the battery out for about half a minute. i was on a computer the otherday and it was ridiculous it was a compaq i w nt into bios hit enter it said wrong did it againg and once more and it just loaded and let me in. lol. also inside it had a big yellow button saying password reset
  25. thanks a lot both of you great points there i will type it up tommorow and will add your points and at the end promote binrev and you two.