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  1. So, I have Servage hosting. I use some space for websites, but I would like to use some space for files. Problem is, when you fill 500+ GB of space with files, you need some sort of navigating not to lose track of things. I would like some sort of frontend, accessible through a password. An interface for me to navigate through my folders, preferably some AJAX, as long as it doesn't run slowly. Any ideas?
  2. I really don't know Antarctica to keep the cool? On the KFM site, it says "plugins for mp3 playback, video playback." - now if I could get that working then it would be just great. Perhaps some FLV player? (lots of great ones on sourceforge)
  3. Woah, you're 33? I would have thought you were 20ish.. I think that was a compliment, but I could be wrong...
  4. So yeah, I'm the sort of guy who knows I'll have to do my own research, help or not I am currently testing out the following solutions: KFM - Kae's File Manager AjaXplorer PHP Navigator - Great big minus is the "XP style navigation" PHPfileNavigator phpXplorer I am currently struggling with this childish excitement, as if it was my first Christmas
  5. Age does not equate to knowledge, it merely likens experience. Ubuntu, and usually Backtrack, although it doesn't count as my usage has faded a bit lately. Hackpause - breathing differently.
  6. A friend of mine just started out with stump wm looks like a lot of fun
  7. Hah... I was totally checking out that site as part of a new project of mine. I never actually got around to watch it, but I had it open as a saved tab in firefox for at least a couple of days. Seems pretty destined that I should go watch it now doesn't it? - Guess what, I'm still too busy (watching the original super mario motion picture)
  8. taking electronics apart I was a mere hackling
  9. OH THE LUV!!! please give her a kiss from me, that is so admirable and simply fills me with joy, I know exactly what you mean. The force is strong in her, now it is your job to be good mentor to this young padawan. - In the next couple of years she could get a quick start on the online hacker challenges, and perhaps be like the female hacker from the Hacker Diaries book.
  10. I am making a disaster laptop... yep. I am planning on putting a total of 5 operating systems on this new laptop of mine, Windows XP Pro as primary and after that we have 3 Linux distros and to finish it up... Mac OS X. I have thought about this a lot and I think I may have finally figured it all out: Each OS is given its own individual partition. There is also a SWAP partition and a partition with windows apps and media/document files. Windows.............5 GB - also has room for the hiberfil.sys and also future service packs. Distro1...............2.5 GB Distro2...............10 GB Distro3...............10 GB Mac OS X...........10 GB SWAP..................2 GB - I was actually going for 4 GB since thats the double of my physical memory, was told not to. (INPUT PLZ) SHARED.............whatever is left - Using NTFS-3G I am able to share all my media on this NTFS formatted partition between the OS'. I wish to use either GRUB Legacy or GNU GRUB for this, most tutorials I have read were for the old Legacy.. perhaps someone here could guide me a bit. I would like to know whether or not I should create the different partitions before installing a bootloader or not. I would like to do the installation on either a cd/dvd or more preferably my usb pen drive, (saw a tutorial for that too) laptops generally don't come with floppy drives Please just give me all the advice you can, and no jokes about me needing a virtual machine instead
  11. Well... by having things run natively I am going to be utilizing my machine's power to its fullest. Furthermore OS X is not yet supported by VIrtualBox... although I admit it is a nice piece of GPL software. ------------ I am going to try my best with GRUB on my new laptop, Hopefully I will get good results after a couple of trials. I'll use a 1 Gig swap partition Doesn't anyone in here know just the basic stuff about using GRUB as a bootloader? <-- I really just need some help on how I should partition my disk (I am going to have a total of 7 partitions as mentioned,) EDIT: This was also pretty good reading material, but what about using GRUB? Thank you all for the help I have been given so far.
  12. I have a 160 GB drive... and all the windows apps are stored on the shared partition so that they can be emulated through WINE. I know that each partition doesn't really have that much of space, for example the 2.5 GB partition is more than sufficient, since all the apps needed are already there.. (including space for updates!) Perhaps I'll put a few gigs extra on the mac os x partiton, but really... I thought this part through as I mentioned. How big should I make the SWAP partition? and how do you recommend me in doing this? Thx for the quick responses
  13. Most intriguing... I still think about this thread as one of the most inspirational. I love codes, I love mind games and I love a challenge... everything that makes me a hacker is within these posts. Thank jebus for binrev and all hail the almighty cipher :borg: I think I am going to read this book
  14. Today I found defaced by known turkish black hats.. I recommend using google more optimally, even though I didn't use google to find this today.
  15. .... aww jebus! Now you guys got me all addicted and stuff. Too much porn on the INTENDED information highway
  16. Anybody interested in a group of asian girls (mature enough ) in uniform and all, showing off tits?
  17. lol I for one would appreciate a hint... or maybe not.. as that would probably just mock my knowledge even more. :cry: I am going to read some cryptography books.
  18. Once the Optimus Keyboard comes out... SHAZAAAAAAAAAM!""! - anyway could you guys imagine this on a laptop
  19. TRU.DAT :borg: They have taught us well.
  20. For a sound card that isn't as expensive as that one, I would recommend going X-fi.
  21. irc:// (#binrev) for all yo hacking needs. I am also taking part in some more blackhat oriented ones, as it is wise to know two sides of one story. :borg:
  22. wroeld ofe wwesar ixs a ferleling - hihi try breaking that and guess what I miss. still trying to figure out the rest.
  23. It's a simple cesar cipher But looking at the code later on it seems that its 1234567890 and 420 over again. So this leads me to think that the answer to the code is the fact that there is no code :cuss: I thought that as well, but being addicted to challenges, I don't accept such :nono: It seemed to me like the DODV EDEBORQ along with the Grupo 019 Grupo 019 should be perhaps the most important part, giving a clue to the next step... however this is still to me rather indesciperable. And not to forget that he already gave us a clue... notice the "(Insert female voice here )"
  24. OMG! That's enough to run *Nix! :borg: I'm still in... maybe some googling/coffee will make my brain function correctly.
  25. MMMMMMMMMMMM for cryptography. I could easily decipher the first part, the rest is beyond my level.