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  1. I am planning on going to DefCon this year finally. This will be my first con. Hopefully it won't be lame. I guess loosing my conference virginity is a big deal, somewhat. Who else plans on attending so we can do a nice BinRev meet up?
  2. Hey I don't mean to be intrusive but I noticed your from the bay area. So am I! Have you checked out the SF hacker space yet? Ive been meaning to see what its all about..
  3. Every one knew something like this was coming sooner or later. LINK Are you ready for Mobile Bot Nets?
  4. Speaking of iPhone bullshit LINK
  5. Where I currently live a new Digital Power Meter was installed. Has anyone played around with one of these things yet? These things seem vulnerable now because you can no longer see the instrumentation of the meters. All one can see is a digital LED meter. I'm a bit tempted to open the case up and see if any hacking can be done, but here in AMERICA that would be a big NO-NO. Any body else notice these things? Magnets maybe?
  6. Why wouldn't they? And if your selected for one of the 10,000 "officials" you better believe you will be signing your life away with security clearances.
  7. This is definitely going to be interesting, the FEDS are recruiting publicly!
  8. How come my damn cookie never expires?

  9. Why though? Being a nuisance and preventing communication can be just as useful of a tool for "cyber-warfare" as more 'tactical strikes' with a much lower technical barrier. Also, exploits can be patched (in a perfect world, they would be patched) and then lose their value to the attacker, but a DDoS can be a right bitch to deal with. I guess that is what makes you a dangerous free thinker.... It just seems like a government like N.K., if they wanted to could possibly do better... crippling some major infastructure or what-not. I've not researched it much, so my opinion is coming from what Mitnick stated about the attacks - something to the effect it was more teenage in nature than government. Looking at the attack, something was obviously compromised though, in order to get a botnet that large. I'm not saying N.Korea did this, but I wouldn't be surprised, because they've done alot of childish things lately. True dat. Not binge on another topic, but N.K. is scary: they want nukes to protect what? Who wants North Korea? I'd like to say it was North Korean Teenagers, but I don't think teenagers in that country can go on the Internet. The speculation I have is.. Kim Jong il is planning on retiring. I think he is simply just preparing his son to take leadership. I just hope I'm right. Just as I thought. Looks like we won't have to "IRAQ" North Korea after all. I guess we will have to wait and see who takes the throne. Also: Apparently someone or thing in the UK could be responsible, according to the article.
  10. I read about the bullshit attack on Yahoo. The FEDZ play every DoS attack like no tomorrow. Average people don't understand that a DoS attack should really be taken with a grain of salt now a days because they happen every day. Any major corporation or government body worth its salt probably has the staff or bandwidth to fend off a botnet now a days, and to label DoS'ing as an "attack" is over zealous, I think. Further more, for the U.S. Government to say that some kid in Russia has the capability to take down entire networks is down right bullshit. Where are the people who question the capability of the U.S. Gov if their supporting propaganda like that? This CyberSecurity Act is the first foot in the coffin for the internet here in the US because knowing the Gov if someone and their buddies decide to PING the pentagon non-stop it will hit news papers tomorrow. But the real concern is if the Act is passed, any one including our very own government can literally DOS networks causing our government to shutdown the net in the name of SECURITY, catch my drift? Where are the checks and balances?
  11. North Korea my ass! They're barely building nukes. Rockafeller's Cyber Security Act of 2009 is right around the corner from being presented in congress. Think out side the box people, it doesn't hurt every once in a while.
  12. Besides RootRepeal and Secured2K, did you use anything else to clean your system? I usually result to re-imaging a system to rest assure the integrity of the OS hasn't been compromised. I have only encountered a virus on a warez site once, the exploit was the latest adobe reader sploit on, symantec bloodhound sniffed up the code right away.
  13. Any body seen this or tried this service? Claim its can get over 70% Info REVERSE LOOKUP: » REVERSE PHONE - Reports include full addresses, names, contacts, account history. » REVERSE CELL PHONE - Reports include full addresses, names, contacts, account history. » REVERSE EMAIL - Reports include full addresses, names, contacts, account history. » REVERSE LICENSE PLATE - Reports include full addresses, names, contacts, account history. Wonder how its done...
  14. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if the G0V does this on purpose... I guess we will see what happens with the new CyberSecurity Task Force..
  15. So I deal with a lot of family computer related issues, which I am sure most of us do too. Every now and then I have relatives with children who love to play those annoying flash games or surf porn when no bodies around. Any ways I have been trying to figure out a quick way of being able to clean up spyware/viruses without having to totally reinstall Windows and bringing everything back up to date. I have been thinking about creating some kind of windows image that I can use with all the latest updates. Some people have suggested using nLite, which seems like my best bet. I was also thinking of installing XP on a flash drive with my favorite AV and anti-spyware tools so I can clean up spyware on site by booting off a flash drive instead. I am curious to know if anyone else has any other suggested methods? I guess most people would argue that a clean installed be the right thing to do, even though setting up account restrictions doesn't seem hinder spyware that uses browser exploits. EDIT: Sorry about the header.
  16. I never liked the "VIBE" from that site. Back in my AOHELL days it always lead me to spyware and annoying pop-ups. I am glad they got owned. I never understood their whole "SUBSCRIPTION" service, it always seemed like a joke to me because everything they offered in their member section seemed to already be in the public section. Plus nothing as ever been produced from their site.
  17. This question is probably "googlable", but do you know if one can cluster graphic cards to brute force encryption with CUDA? It would be cool to have a dedicated cracking server with a MoBo stacked with graphic cards..
  18. Restoring the entire PC with a disk image made by a disk imaging program solves the need for all that. It'll even restore it with all the drives and updates you had intact. When I said it restores the PC to the way it was, I meant everything is back to normal and that means everything. No need to reinstall programs, do updates again, reinstall drives and service packs... all that's already in your saved disk image you'd restore. Using programs like this, you're just 3 clicks away from being done with it - cool. In fact, rescue disks are now no longer needed with these types of programs around. Hooray for a lot less work! What software suite are you using? From what I have read, most imaging software will not refresh the MBR. But using a the Recovery option on a Windows disc is a simple task. I ended up figuring out that making an image is the best way to go, and saves a SHITLOAD of time. I stumbled upon Acronis. It has the option to create a hidden partition on a HD and create a bootable backup. If something goes wrong all one has to do is press F11 during backup and start the recovery process, it kicks ass basically. I'm not to worried about failing HD's, because by then they would be no need to install a fresh OS. To save me time in the future I cloned a fresh install and saved it on a external HD like you mentioned, incase I ever need to refresh another relatives system that doesn't have the Acronis software already installed. The only problem I might run into is if said relative is running anything other than Xp Pro, I wont be able to reactivate their installation if I recover from a backup image Also, if anyone else is ever tasked with having to do such dirty work, REMEMBER to BACKUP ALL DRIVERS! By the way does any one know of a source where I can download a shitlist of drivers to save on a external HD? Unfortunately HP's website does not offer all the drivers needed to do a fresh install. I remember surfing into a site that had gigs of down loadable drivers that could be used with nLite....
  19. Use TOR and change your MAC address and your practically good to go. Tor is multi-platform. Yes, that's the main idea behind proxy servers. Connecting to other servers to disguise your IP address. The only problem is that the proxy server knows who connected to it. So your best bet would be to goto like Starbucks or McDonalds (use TOR if your super paranoid) and spoof your MAC address. That's what I would The concept of being TOTALLY anonymous is really hard to come by. Sure you can leech wifi and spoof your mac addy, but remember that any one can be watching or logging all traffic, aka the PHEDZ ( Mark Klein ). Starbucks and McD's is actually a bad choice if you plan on leeching wifi because of their cameras. TOR can definitely throw some one for a ride if you they are trying to trace you, but once again anything and everything can be logged. I am not to sure if TOR has this option, but I believe it does. I would look up all exit nodes from TOR and only use exit nodes in countries that have relatively slim to none internet laws. It would make even better sense to VPN to another server in another country with slim laws, and then hop on the internet from there. The only people you would really have to worry about monitoring your traffic would be the NSA and their Think1ng C0mput3r and DCS 3O00. Oh and Eagle Eye is real..
  20. case anyone is wondering, there was a spam posting that was removed, so seabass did not revive this thread... someone else did and their post was deleted as SPAM. Stank diggyed dawg coming out the shadows eh?
  21. Hardcore indeed. I have always wanted to create my own home stead of some sort. I think all this man really needs now is some solar cells to power his own house, a green house to grown his own food, and some kind of water supply with a renewable water purification system that he can make him self. Never the less you can already tell that he is saving money by monitoring all the resources he is using, especially water.
  22. Here is a good way to get rid of your datorz when teh popo coming knocking on your door, (sarcasm).
  23. Sure the NSA would never bother dealing with the RIAA/MPAA. But what about organizations like the Business Software Alliance? LINK I mean these people are offering a 1 million dollar reward for people to snitch on piraters. Image if some corporations really wanted to get serious and start busting pirates. A couple Cray super computers wouldn't cost a whole lot for a handful of corporations that make billions of dollars per year, let alone to hire a team of cryptologist in bumsville Idaho or India where the cost of living is relatively low. That might be a little far fetched, but I would never say never.
  24. I did see that jammer a while back. Can you give some details on how to go about tuning the device? It would be interesting to see if one can mod the device or power supply to get more range. Also have you tried using a Cantenna or some kind of directional antenna with the device? Chance of RF radiation = 100%. Unless you break the damn thing. Radio Waves = Radiation. Unfortunately there is a shit load of eletropollution. We wont really know the side effects of it all until people really start dying of cancer. If I remember correctly 2.4 Ghz is suppose to be some kind of vibration frequency for water? I don't remember the physic term.
  25. Apparently a lot of pirates are setting up servers in countries who don't have the resources to police the internet or who are least likely to cooperate with teh government, such as Iran. I read somewhere that this man was tunneling all his traffic through a server in Amsterdam. According to him it was only 20$ a month to host the server and bandwidth. I guess well just have to wait and see if the RIAA and MPAA are in bed with the NSA or they create a organization with enough funds to crack encryption to catch pirates.