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  1. Really cool stuff Irongeek. Testing against ettercap seems to work so far. Looking forward to release 1.0
  2. Putting a hub on the end of a switch isnt going to help you capture any packets unless everyone is then plugged into the same hub. All trafffic on the other ports of the switch(built into the back of the router) will still be undetected. Hubs are inefficient because all traffic is broadcast out all ports eventually creating packet collisions(which then creates a lot of over head for networking protocols to resolve) causing the network to slow down. A switch separates each of its interfaces(creating collision domains) by restricting communication to hardware addresses(MACs) recorded in its arp cache. It is this layer of the OSI model where the MITM attack takes place. Routers primarily use layer 3 packet information(creating broadcast domains) to section off or separate networks. The router's interface providing a default gateway is used by an entire subnet to reach other networks, so putting a sniffer here would provide the most information about all communication happening on the network.
  3. In short, you can. www is typically use for websites tho, so your domain should be xyz.com. Your local DNS service will need to specify the difference between the LAN named xyz.com and the external www.xyz.com website. Local DNS needs to resolve hosts on your LAN to the private address scheme your domain is using. To access www.xyz.com from this domain you would create a zone entry 'www' with the address of the external IP the website is located at. So, 'fileServer1.xyz.com' would resolve to a private A, B, or C class address while www.xyz.com would resolve to the external address the webserver is behind.
  4. A sniffer is only going to pick up packets from communications on a local interface. If you want to sniff packets from other hosts on a LAN you'll need to sniff from your gateway device. If sniffing from the gateway is not an option and youre wanting to target another host on a LAN, you should look into a Man In The Middle attack.
  5. Recently I've been working with a data-vaulting backup solution(Asigra) and was wondering about a similar option for a home network. Im not worried about encrypting and transferring data off site, but am more interested in a client-less solution which uses local or domain user credentials to access data, then back up to a server hard disk. Most importantly I'm looking for a similar recovery process. Asigra's recovery method is quite smooth. I have read about AMANDA and Bacula but am not sure if these are similar. Has anyone used these or have other client-less suggestions?
  6. What type of minimum hardware resources would you need for this to run smoothly? Im assuming the same thing could be accomplished with Xubuntu or Fluxbox.
  7. I clicked on this post in hopes of a tutorial on how to build the perfect girlfriend using Ubuntu. A real life 'Weird Science'. *sigh*
  8. my user account is listed in the local admin group. I would think that gives me full admin rights. no?
  9. Is there any hope in getting nmap compatible with vista? Or maybe this is a WinPcap issue? Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000] Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\nmap -sS -P0 Starting Nmap 4.20 ( http://insecure.org ) at 2007-10-19 11:00 Central Daylight Time pcap_open_live(net0, 100, 0, 2) FAILED. Reported error: Error opening adapter: The sy stem cannot find the device specified. (20). Will wait 5 seconds then retry.
  10. http://pownce.com/ invites anyone? Please PM.
  11. Why will SLES 10.2 not let me create anymore than 4 partitions? Im using VMware on a 14 gig virtual drive using ext3 filesystem. Im not undertstanding why Im having this difficulty. I get "It is not possible to create a partition on /dev/sda. A primary partition cannot be created. There are already four primary and extended partitions." Im trying to partition in the following way: /boot 16MB swap 1044MB / 256MB /tmp 256MB /usr 8GB /home ..... Im not able to create past /tmp
  12. so thats his personal mobile #?
  13. Im looking for software to image and configure lenovo tablets(X60) running XP using PXE boot. The only experience I have with this type of software is Altiris and am having troubles finding comparable software or reviews. I personaly thought Altiris did a great job in previous instances but Im looking for the most cost effective option. This software will be used in a private education atmosphere, so maybe there is an option w/ a reduced price for that situation. Id hate to choose Altiris just because Im most familiar w/ it and not knowing of a better solution.
  14. The version in many repos is outdated. Most of the .conkyrc files are using the latest version of conky so you may have conflicts. Also, if you are doing any type of port monitoring or youll need to disable IPv6 functionality. Disable IPv6 module on default kernals
  15. Im assuming tunneling HTTP traffic through ssh or ssl is just as 'illegal' on campus as well? 1984? Yeah right, man. That's a typo. Orwell is here in the universities.