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  1. What were your first hacks, local and remote. Please post how you did it(in general) like software used and attack method. What age your were and target if you want, and the out come. Local Age 20 Target polytecnic systems Software used Fake Novell server Attack method Novell had a problem with child rights being passed down. The script used injection to an admin process. Outcome Able to access all students user folders, with write and read priv Remote none
  2. I was stuck when after you connect to someones wireless network and netbios was disabled or they aren't sharing anything, how do you access they files. I though about this stratgy , to get into there wireless router and set a static route to my IP when connected and set up a web browser exploit, and then wait for them to try and connect to the internet, this should give me a remote shell. This type of flow. Computers----w/router---MITM(wireless connected)----w/router----Internet What i'm asking for is if these details will work. A computer that is connected to the wireless network, with linux prefable with the exploit running. Create a static route on the router(might beable to automate with curl) ether rediect the traffic from your computer back out the router to the web page they were looking for or if you know they have tryed to connect,by a scan show the remote port open, then reset the routes. Would this work with the above setup. thanks
  3. I've been thinking of going into the computer security feild and i was wondering what you lot think. I've heard people saying that programmers are write better code and that it is getting alot harder to find bufferover flows and format string etc, and that black hats are losing the war. The only thing left would be bruteforceing remote connection to gain entry. I would like to hear what you people belive if black hats are losing and if the security feild is worth getting into and its not going to die in five years. Have a good day.
  4. By the sounds of it i'am way off course but won't a zone transfer show the sub domains.
  5. Most people here will know this but it goes. When the novell login prompt shows up, press f1, you will see something(it been a long time),seach around, when you get to the stage that it shows you a explorer windows, seach throught tell you find explorer.exe. You should bealbe to search the internet but you will not be log on to the server. Sorry i can't remember the verision but give it a try. Hope it helps someone. If anyone has some over local exploits feel free.
  6. " heh thats cool, i just create local accounts from my normal account and log in like that, or use the little SYSTEM account scheduled task trick." You not much on info, please do tell how you do "little SYSTEM account scheduled task trick" Have a good day
  7. "because dialup webserver is about pointless as ...." No shit like i said if i had broadband my site would be up. And the point of my server is to be hard to find, so i can weed out the user i don't want.
  8. Now i think back my first hack wasn't a novell setup. The school network had a win95 workstations, everone was playing this game, i can't remeber the name but it had a batch file that you click to run it. I was in one of the class rooms of the school and i access anought room and change the batch file to delete windows main file, i think vmm then run the program. The next i heard from a freind they hat to reinstall the OS. If anyone has got any new or relivetly recent like the last 2 years please post. It helps people learn new ways to hack thanks
  9. I thought a whios would give you the name, of course it might be fake, you could of course use the server IP address and enter it into your favitore tracking software, this will give you the loaction, then you could use the whios and loaction and do a manual search throught a phone book, the opeartator, or the police,(those damn people didn't give me there number plate after i carshed into them when i was out side there place), if the server is not theres you will have to hack it and find the usertoip on the server. Hope it helps , use the network that is already in place.
  10. Start by scan with a port scan to find open port eg is nmap like: nmap -O this will tell you the ports open as well has the OS, next try connecting to the ports that are open like 21(ftp), to connect use telnet : telnet 21 this will give you the banner like proftp version 1.2.7 etc, next goto milworn,insecure eg and find a exploit for that port and version, run that exploit, the rest is then up to you hope it helps
  11. I was thinking of makeing a hacking forum, i was going to block everthing bar 80tcp so nmap wouldn't detect that the host was up and put my site on port 3000, so unless you know the port you add no hope(apart from trying them all or some other port scan) to acesss the site. I to i'am having probelms with the dns i was just going to pass around by emial my ip(i'am still on dial up), when i get broadband for people to acess my site, and the people that register with there emial, if my ip changes due to restart i would repost to them. Just my yarn
  12. Hi what programs do you use when you hack like programs. Add what type like router,server,client,web,ftp etc. Eg user2sid = 139tcp user enum sid2user = 139tcp user enum nmap = port scanner/ os fingerprint nc = listen deamon / port scan hydra = bruteforceing program thanks
  13. I'am not expirenced in NT but this might work. On the winNT and winXP go into control panel then network connection, select your nic interface, click tcp/ip in the box and select properties, in there remove the automatic set ip and choice static, set them to for NT and for XP, that should let you connect to share files and such. To share folders right click the folder and select properties, some were in there it should be a share tab, then follow your nose. If you want to share a internet connection, the NT box will have to have two nics, go to the properties of the nic that the internet is connected to and go advanced in there ther should be a ICS option(on XP and 2003 any way) and set that up, on the XP box set the tcp/ip to automcatic ip. Hope it helps
  14. Neo trace pro for win(doesn't have map look up anymore), or traceroute GUI for linux
  15. " As described in [5], the EAP-TLS conversation will typically begin with the authenticator and the peer negotiating EAP. The authenticator will then typically send an EAP-Request/Identity packet to the peer, and the peer will respond with an EAP-Response/Identity packet to the authenticator, containing the peer's userId. From this point forward, while nominally the EAP conversation occurs between the PPP authenticator and the peer, the authenticator MAY act as a passthrough device, with the EAP packets received from the peer being encapsulated for transmission to a RADIUS server or backend security server. In the discussion that follows, we will use the term "EAP server" to denote the ultimate endpoint conversing with the peer. " I thing the userid would be in plan text or a default encryption, if you could read that it might help. I could be way of course though
  16. If you wanted to stop them pinging you, you could block icmp at the firewall. If you use the princilpe of block everthing then open up what you want, seems to stop nmap detecting the OS useing fingerprinting. Hope its what you want
  17. its not the recovery console you go into. You press R to go into the recovery console, but to do this you press enter, then press R. When you press enter it should detect that you have a previously installed OS, then you select repair.
  18. Go to a local computer shop that serivces computers, ask if you could borrow(for a small fee) there WINDOWS XP SP2 OEM cd. Next make sure you computer boot from a cd in bios. Boot off the win xp cd when it comes up with the option for recovery console or contiune, press enter. Next when it asks press R for repair, this want delete any date just reload window files. The computer when loaded the startup files will reboot when it starts up again and you see like 39mins to go press Shift + F10, a DOS prompt will show up then type nusrmgr.cpl the windows user account program opens, you don't need to enter a password to change one so Just change it. Hope it helps
  19. I use file scavenger its better than search and recover , it can find files after the drive has been formated