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  1. is probably what you are looking for. But their database is huge and is probably overkill for your purpose. MaxMind — there’s a link on the HostIP site — gives away a free country database. Alternatively, you can detect the language and host country based on what user agent the Web browser sends. The user agent usually contains the two-letter country ID and two-letter language ID (en-US is English in the United States, for example).
  2. Awesome. I really hope this works.
  3. That looks like somebody sent you something in some foreign language and it got interpreted as DOS CP437. If that’s the case, the raw code would look like this: 0xfb 0x01 0xfb 0x03 0xfd 0x18 0xfd 0x1f 0x5e The most probable decoding would be: fiffiﴘﴟ怊 Maybe it makes sense to somebody who’s trilingual.
  4. Are there any very ordinary USB-to-RS232 (serial) adaptors that are guaranteed to work in Linux under the 2.6 kernel? It wouldn’t be economically viable to require one that uses some third-party driver, either. I already bought one (special order, no less) and plugged it into a server: nothing worked. Turns out it was some cheap Chinese manufacturer who cut corners and embedded a competitor’s hardware serial number. Tech support was of absolutely no help, either: they recommended I rebuild the entire damn kernel with one of their modules to add support for the hardware IDs they stole.
  5. A half volt at 100 mA… that’s 0.05 watts, right?
  6. Unfortunately, the keyword there is “residential.” They oversell their bandwidth because it’s presumed residential users won’t use the maximum amount of bandwidth 24/7. There’s quite a bit of competition when it comes to physical server sites. Do they have any big hosting companies in Washington?
  7. I’m sincerely hoping that this item isn’t a scam, although I saw it on the AP wire early yesterday morning. If this item’s available sometime soon I’ll certainly buy one and try it out. edit: shouldn’t this go in the “links” area?
  8. What you have to understand is that this hatred for Scientology went up in a rage after September 11th, 2001. While the majority of the hijackers were Saudi muslims, the entirety of the damage — from the building that collapsed to the lung diseases that spread in the weeks afterward — were all caused by Scientologists.
  9. Am I missing something or is there supposed to be a link here?
  10. They're looking for the secret ingredient in Coca-Cola so they can rip it off. Soon you'll find it on shelves along with chocolate W&W's.
  11. I caught this story on the Howard Stern show. I figured I'd post it since it's not on the AP NewsWire yet. But it's an interesting read, especially since he was extradited from Raleigh to Orlando for, among other things, using MySpace to spread a worm and custom VNC server that gave him access to underage girls' computers. Before some of you cry foul about the 110-year sentence, read on: Sick shit. And I thought Russian bipolar script kiddies were the worst on the web!
  12. Boot some CD-based Linux distribution that starts a network service, then try to ping (then ssh into) the unit. If you can't ping or ssh into it, it's a problem with the BIOS. Otherwise, it's the video card.
  13. What I think you have to do is download the source code and add your own shellcode. Beyond that, you're on your own. The web site where the exploit is hosted specifically says:
  14. Are you trying to convert the drive (thereby saving whatever data is on the partition) or format it (e.g. erasing everything)? If you need the former, pick up a copy of Partition Magic. If you need the latter, use FDISK to unformat the partition, then use Disk Utility to re-format it as HFS+.
  15. I hate to break it to you, but that was all old news on September 21st.