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  1. I use a 256 MB Creative Muvo TX FM. I bought 2 and use on for work, one for play. Work 1. Recording conversations that might be repeated in court. The bad part is that the MuVo records as a Wav. , but at 256MB it still gets the job done. 2. Recording any verbal contracts related to my side work(yes i inform them, although local law doesn't require it.) 3. Listining to Binrev, CCCP, Default, FSRN, Hackermind, Haknip, In The now.... and other things that the average taxpayer, would all kinds of pissed that i do on thier dime. Play 1. I keep 147 Megs of basic drivers and tools for quick repair when i dont have internet access (Mainly install files for the local ISP options, and spybot/AVG) 2. My blues , i cant survive without a daily dose. 3. Recording friends and coworkers just to remix the words and see how fucked up i can make them seem. Most of the time there is no way to make what was REALLY said any worse anyway.
  2. i would suggest trying BSPlayer .If nothing else it usually has easy error messages, that lead you straight to the codec you are lacking. Of course it might just be a bad file , but i am betting you are missing a codec. Most often the AC3 codec, for this "no audio" problem.
  3. I have a sizable collection of sim's. If anyone knows a way to clear of the original owners info, i'd gladly donate some to anyone with projects in this area. I need to make 100% sure that the original owners privacy is safe tho.
  4. The simple truth is once the drive starts making funny sounds (clicking/inpact noises) it's time for a new drive. If you have backups of everything then you can put it off, otherwise your really pushing your luck. If it is a maxtor drive try setting it for low noise , instead of preformance. try this link ... This mighty extend the life by treating movements inside more gently, still probably time to replace it tho : (
  5. Doller for doller - AMD. Platform support - Intel. Decryption - AMD. Packaging - Intel. (thats the functional protection on the chip, not the cardboard box) Verdict - AMD. I'm cheap, so value for the doller is king. At any given price point, AMD offers more usable power IMHO.
  6. Also does it accept CD-R's that someone ELSE burned. If so you might not be finalizing the CD-R when you burn it.
  7. Perfect, well said friend.
  8. [qoute] Take the following as you will. I dont mean it to be a flame just some questions. Its clear your in trouble if you need legal council but I have to ask: Why ask us? We are not lawyers. We cant help you. If your ‘company’ is in trouble they did something wrong... [/qoute] Im very suprised to hear you say that Belgarath. As hackers we sould be the last to assume that the accused are guilty without more info. I'm pretty sure it was your wording , and not your true intent, to put it that way tho. I can understand, i think, that you don't want Binrev, or the community, to seem as tho we try to help those who have commited crimes. I agree that he needs to seek trained legal counsel. If the advice is needed that badly, then it could prove quite costly to trust random advice here. Internet related laws are a very blurry area right now. They tend to favor the state, or the provider. If you think you need legalk advice, then you DO need trained legal advice.
  9. Actually there are federal, state, and sometimnes local regulations regarding wardialing. They are mianly intended for telemarketing; so you will find most do not apply unless the is a profit motive. I should warn you, while they are largely inteded to be aplicable to only "profit motive" sometimnes the actual code will apply if you simply dial form anything but a residential line. You will need to sort through it to decide if local authorites might use one of the laws to get a warrent tho. Try this link... EDIT: If you are comfotable with it, PM me with your location , and i'll dig thru your specific case. I can't garun tee anything though.
  10. Sorry Jera. I think we have all been there. It also depends on what you mean by geting ahead in life. Why are you putting so much effort in? Is it just for money down the road? If thats just part of it then you ARE getting ahead. It's easy to loose track of why we do it. Just the fact that you are here, tells me there must be more to your persistance than a job or money. That being said, money RULES! I won't deny that for a second. But the reason we all want money is so we can enjoy life more. If your too busy trying to get that great job your whole life to enjoy living, you fail to reach your goal even if you do get the money. Sit back and relax a bit. Most "successful people" are not any happier than poor one are. It just seems liek they shoud be. Many a millionare dies stressed out about finances ,and getting that next job contract. I recently stopped all my efforts to learn new hacking related skills. I didn't loose interest, but i was at risk of it. Life got busy all by itself. I was working 60+ hours aweek at my main job, studying 2-3 hours a night, putting 15 or so hours a week into my Ebay sales, and trying to learn C, Java, and Perl and missing 3-4 nights of sleep each week. I knew i needed to trim some of the projects out for a bit or risk burning out. I hope you do the same. I wasn't stressed over bills or the little things i life, but it WAS STRESSING ME OUT. Noone here wants to see you burn out friend.
  11. Great timing. howstuffworks just happens tohave a "How Lock Picking Works"on the front page. Or if it doesnt when you look...
  12. if it's on a pcb look for an FCC id#. That is usually a great place to start.
  13. I'm still looking for that battery . The 252 is not one i see often. I haven't forgotten ya.
  14. Am i the only one that thinks charging someone $40 was kinda harsh? Oh well to each his own. As for the tech side, good info. I always go to overboard in concepts to ever follow thru on this stuff myself. Like maybe breadboard a light sensor to control to the remote, so someones T.V. turns on full volume every morning. THAT would be funny.
  15. Yes i like my home library as well, but i loan them out a LOT. I don't think of it as a waste of trees if you loan a lot. While trees are a limited resource, so are educated people these days. I could probably even do without the ozone layer, if i didn't have to tolerate morons all day. If you would like to have a home library, but don't want to buy new, maybe a monthly run to a large used bookstore is worth a thought. I used to hit "50 Off Books" in Dallas, when i lived there, a lot. EVERY computer book was $5, didn't matter how old or how new, and that was a huge place. I would always come out with 10 or more books. If there isn't a store near, just take the longer trip and stock up i say.