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  1. What happened to GLR last night? Site hasn't been updated and theres no new show in the downloads. Just curious.
  2. I am temporarily on dial-up as well and the low quality option is nice. Good show. Think there's any hope for a guy with little social skills who's principal interests are computers, comics and porn?
  3. Omni-Max, don't think the previous post was intended to attack your post in any way. Good information. Just thought I'd add my two cents to the topic.
  4. I never really understood why everyone wants an Xbox running Linux. Sure, the idea was cool at first, but why would you go out and give money to Microsoft only to install Linux on it? The whole concept just seems counter-productive to me. Sure, I guess I could understand if you have one laying around you don't want to use anymore, but I think it would be a lot cooler if instead of everyone trying to take an Xbox and turn it into a standard Linux computer, maybe people should try to build a standard (mini-case) Linux computer and create a open source game consol. Now THAT would be rad. Anyway, thats my opinion for what its worth (and usually its worth very little). edit: fixed a typo
  5. I have decided that if somebody wants to send me something, they can email me or DCC me on irc, I will NEVER use AIM again
  6. Hacker's Challenge books? tell me more
  7. For some reason I still can't send/recieve images on the windows version of Gaim. When I'm doing VB shit for school I like to be able to have Gaim running, but if somebody wants to send me something I usually just run AIM. Last night my software firewall stopped it from installing Flash Player on my system without fucking asking. GRRRRR... I'm behind you Stank, FUCK A-O-MOTHERFUCKING-L
  8. A few months back i got really bored and took the Orange Book (Department of Defense Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria) in .txt format and reformatted the entire thing to look a little bit prettier and converted it to .pdf. If you're interested in that I'll send anyone who may want it a copy.
  9. So in other words I no longer need to save these multiple copies on my HDD? Drive space is very limited for me right now.
  10. A 30 day trial version of a program I found called FX Video Converter. I honestly have no experience with digital video but I figured I'd try something out if it helped. I tried a few other demos but they all left watermarks, this one didn't, so I stuck with it.
  11. I converted the video into both .avi and .mpg and have it both zipped up and thrown in a tarball so windows people and linux people will both be able to d/l the compressed format with ease. (which does not mean that these are downloadable at this time)
  12. Just got home from work and am doing the conversions as we speak. transferring was the one aspect i didn't consider though. oh well, we'll figure it out.
  13. when i get time, possibly tonight when i get home from work, i'll convert the video into a decent format for you guys. i liked the intro to power over ethernet, but i'll definately help you guys get some avi or something
  14. Why do i get the feeling this thread is turning away from the topic of Phrack and molding into a flame war and a tense political debate?
  15. I think the book you're referring to is Hacking: The Art of Exploitation and if it is, I really liked that book. I also thought Hacking Exposed was good.
  16. You can't blame Skype for the actions of Droops.
  17. Goddamn, the show sounds so much better on Skype than it did before. Just figured I'd throw that in.
  18. I go to Heald College and one of the big things they tell everybody while talking to admissions is that ITT is not accredited. I'm almost done with my second of six semesters at Heald and I've yet to actually learn anything. Here is a list of the "technical" classes I've had so far and what they've actually been about. This is to become a fucking systam admin. I feel sorry for the people that hire alot of my fellow students. Introduction to Software Applications (MS Office 101, great class if you want to learn how to use MS Word, MS Excell, MS Powerpoint, and Outlook), Introduction to Networking Concepts (How to use basic DOS commands like net send), Database Management (Now this one sounded cool, but really its another MS 101 class, but this time its Access 101), Introduction to Programming Concepts (This class teaches you some very basic programming in VB and C# in the .NET architechture), Technical Customer Support (This class just sucks).
  19. I vote for Saturday nights around 10pm PST. My vote probably doesn't mean much, but hey, I'm still ignorant enough to vote anyway.
  20. Be warned, ITT is NOT accredited and if you want to further your education after ITT you will have to start over.
  21. I have a Dell Inspiron 5150 and had no problems installing Red Hat Fedora Core 2, Mandrake 9.2, Mandrake 10 or Slackware. Well, only one problem, I can't seem to get the damn mini-pci wi-fi card it comes with to work, but its a shitty card anyway and when upgraded to a pcmcia card i had no problems.
  22. The Kyocera 2035 is a great reliable phone. I had like 11 of them at one point in time. I"m down to 3 and only one of those had display, but if anyone needs a charger i've got plenty of those to spare.
  23. I don't really need anything in return, i figure that its like that old cliche, what goes around comes around. The only thing I'm concerned about is finding a way to send it to you as I'm kind of low on cash. Does anybody know if the post office offers a sort of "send collect" feature where the sender sends it and the reciever pays shipping?
  24. I have both Perl and CGI for The World Wide Web and Javascript For the World Wide Web that i will give to anyone who wants it free of charge. Just figured I'd throw the offer out there.
  25. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it is confirmed that THUD (The Hacker's Underground Digest) is part of Blacklisted! 411. This is from the FAQ on the Blacklisted site: