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  1. *wraps tinfoil a little tighter*

    Whatchu talkin' bout Williz

  2. These episodes get better and better, keep up the good work. I like the alternative file format too.
  3. Gotta add my 0.02 bucks, good show. *notes* vodka then cranberry, important stuff
  4. "who "consistently posts bad spelling" enough to warrant a warning. " "No one will take you seriously if you do not post in coherent sentences anyway." Just to stir the pot a bit; if no one's going to bother taking a poorly written post seriously, why even bother introducing a rule about spelling? It sounds like an official excuse for the mods to curb troublemakers. I didn't expect to see that sort of thing around here. Giving out warnings about spelling reminds me of jaywalking, it's annoying if you get ticketed because a cop's bored, but it's useful when someone's endangering others.
  5. LOL That's the 'family frendly' version of a Big Dawg, a brandy-carrying-mountain-rescue Big Dawg.
  6. entertaining I've been waiting for a new episode, It's been worth the wait.
  7. I check in usually once a day, sometimes more sometimes less.. lol Twirlz I thought it might be you. Don't ghost hack my terminal dude!
  8. == (I don't know what a regular expression is) (so.. yeah.. ) Just remember the Bulldog likes to cheat..
  9. video 1 video 2 video 3 video 4 3 & 4 are down I think, but there's talk of a torrent (I saw it on /. but it looked worthy of a thread on here) *shrug* (and the video links are also from the resulting slashdot thread) (one more bracket thing just for the hell of it) (ok I lied, I'm editing things anyway so I'm throwing caution to the wind, hahahaha, type type type)
  10. I've given it a few tries now, and I say keep this one as the default. Isn't there a black and green ddp logo that could replace the roadkill71 logo? I know I saw one floating around here somewhere.
  11. It doesn't have everything, but it's got aLOT :voteyes:
  12. *shrug* It should be fun trying something new out
  13. Did that "viewer" even watch the episode? *shrug* Thanks for the post Doug, a laugh this time of year is priceless.
  14. I must be way out of the loop on this one, but wasn't the video supposed to be released in November? I've looked back through the posts a bit, but I didn't come up with much information.
  15. Excellent episode I really enjoyed the ANT8 Logic Analyzer, and IDE64 reviews. The logic analyzer inspired a dig through my digital logic textbook, for kicks no less. I haven't done that in a while, keep it up guys. :voteyes:
  16. So thats alright, but what constitutes a "spy agency"? *I hit tab-enter on reflex as I was typing up the 2nd title line. It should've read: "ridding the world of spyware one fine at a time" ... or something like that*
  17. What res are you in, that looks tiny. I like the pic of the guy wearing the ski mask. My computer room's too hot to wear my ski mask pulled down all the way, so I usually wear it rolled up.
  18. keep going, you've put a sizable dent in the collection. :voteyes: you could even try counting how many times stank has to point out the theme song artist *shrug*
  19. <-- code example *runs into the hills*
  20. I know what you're saying, I felt the same way for quite a while now. Being lazy hasn't gotten me anywhere though, and I've been trying to figure ways around it. Usually cafeine, and lots of sleep, although balancing the two is kind of tricky. But there are times when it's not quite enough and I wonder if heading in a different direction might not be more useful.
  21. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery *shrug* chaulk another one on the board.
  22. "if we could just get an ap-wire into the house" "and add some witty banter" <robotic voice>", there was arrest.. fucking cunt douchebags"</robot voice> I actually laughed out loud at that last line. wow this ep is pulling out all the stops: "which hand do you hold the magazine with?"
  23. I second that
  24. "lets see the other one!" :voteyes: :voteyes: I can't wait to get a videophone