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  1. *wraps tinfoil a little tighter*

    Whatchu talkin' bout Williz

  2. Dox i hope you don't get too much time in prison for your loli-gaggin'.

  3. These episodes get better and better, keep up the good work. I like the alternative file format too.
  4. Gotta add my 0.02 bucks, good show. *notes* vodka then cranberry, important stuff
  5. "who "consistently posts bad spelling" enough to warrant a warning. " "No one will take you seriously if you do not post in coherent sentences anyway." Just to stir the pot a bit; if no one's going to bother taking a poorly written post seriously, why even bother introducing a rule about spelling? It sounds like an official excuse for the mods to curb troublemakers. I didn't expect to see that sort of thing around here. Giving out warnings about spelling reminds me of jaywalking, it's annoying if you get ticketed because a cop's bored, but it's useful when someone's endangering others.
  6. LOL That's the 'family frendly' version of a Big Dawg, a brandy-carrying-mountain-rescue Big Dawg.
  7. entertaining I've been waiting for a new episode, It's been worth the wait.
  8. I check in usually once a day, sometimes more sometimes less.. lol Twirlz I thought it might be you. Don't ghost hack my terminal dude!
  9. == (I don't know what a regular expression is) (so.. yeah.. ) Just remember the Bulldog likes to cheat..
  10. video 1 video 2 video 3 video 4 3 & 4 are down I think, but there's talk of a torrent (I saw it on /. but it looked worthy of a thread on here) *shrug* (and the video links are also from the resulting slashdot thread) (one more bracket thing just for the hell of it) (ok I lied, I'm editing things anyway so I'm throwing caution to the wind, hahahaha, type type type)
  11. I've given it a few tries now, and I say keep this one as the default. Isn't there a black and green ddp logo that could replace the roadkill71 logo? I know I saw one floating around here somewhere.
  12. It doesn't have everything, but it's got aLOT :voteyes:
  13. *shrug* It should be fun trying something new out
  14. Did that "viewer" even watch the episode? *shrug* Thanks for the post Doug, a laugh this time of year is priceless.