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  1. That was awesome.
  2. Wish I could come
  3. Low / Med / High / Very High: Gameplay at highest settings, 1280x1024: I wish Game Trailers had it in full settings and high definition.. Oh well.
  4. aw damnit the whole thing is malicious
  5. there is no image, there seems to be no redirecting... although either way, I still want to know what happened.
  6. DO NOT GO TO THIS PAGE: Spoiler box
  7. Well I wish I had a way to intercept the infection before it actually executes on my system, so I can take it apart and see what it does.
  8. So I received a link on another forum via PM. The person was inferring about a game hack and gave me a link to an image (or so I thought) Basically, he phished me into clicking this link: (Not actual link, x'd it out.) And it led me to a page with some text about passwords and forums. No big deal, I thought. He just gave me the wrong link. Well it turns out later that this link infected me somehow and he pulled some docs from my computer. Namely my phone number. He called me and requested I post a topic on a forum apologizing to him, and another guy. (This is apparently a mixup. I think he thinks I have information about someone, which I don't) I went ahead and posted the topic and told him over the phone that I do not know him and if I did know the actual person, I do not know if he is using xxx's account. Now that the story of what happened is out of the way, how the hell did he abuse an image hosting site to infect me? If you want the actual link to see what it is on a VM or something, ask in teh topic. The main things I want to know: 1. How to remove the infection 2. How to prevent this from happening again 3. How the infection process works I have never heard or seen anything about this type of thing before, and it would be great to learn how it works.
  9. PhProxy if you have apache or something. I don't recommend bypassing filters just to play games while you should be doing school work or something.. And at least learn how a proxy works.
  10. its a private school. And my netadmin knows that I am a hacker and he often challenges me. For example: "Hey Tom, Lets see you get through the new firewall I just set up" Our school is so small no one even gives a crap. Im not doing this on a public school level where 2 thousand kids attend. And for whoever it was that said that I just skipped my way in and Im the type of person that makes real hackers throw up. Obviously you dont understand what I meant in my op. I have admin access to each lab computer as a standalone, not on the network. Yes I've tried accessing the network from the standalone, but my netadmin has all kinds of crap blocking access to set up a connection. And as for the password I found on the post-it, my netadmin found out that someone had left the note out, and changed the password immediately. My school has also set up a very powerful SonicWALL and they set it up right. Yet I still managed to achieve unrestricted access to the internet. I am no newbie, and I consider it an insult for somebody to call me one. You're a lying newbie, contorting your story with each post so you don't look as stupid. Guess what? You look even stupider. Stop trying to convince us that you are a 1337 hax0r, we don't really care. (sorry if this breaks the no flaming the nubs rule)
  11. Well actually, as much as I would like that second paragraph to be true, telling the network admin that he isn't a good network admin is a bad idea. (He'll most likely interpret it that way and get you suspended or something.)
  12. All in Assembly.
  13. We /can/ post exploits-- The process of finding the exploit can have curiosity, research, analysis, knowledge, the creation of new ideas, the discovery of amazing breakthroughs, and the sharing of information involved in it. We wouldn't post an exploit just to everyone can use it and reinforce the media's definition of 'hacker,' it would be posted so everyone can learn how it works and whatnot.
  14. Did you accidentally format it yourself, or did this just happen out of absolutely nowhere?
  15. It's 'unhackable' because it's almost 100% server side. You can't do anything to effect anything that happens, other than telling the client to do something. The 'falador massacre' was a glitch.