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  1. Ok my friend, Just did a fresh install of Windows XP he forgot to back up a book he was writing, My question is is there a program out there that i can use to go to the hard drive and try to recover these novels he erased.
  2. ALIEN TECHNOLOGY ALR-9800 ENTERPRISE RFID READER NURIT 3020 CREDIT CARD MACHINE AVERMEDIA AVERVISION300P PORTABLE DOCUMENT CAMERA METROLOGIC HANDHELD BARCODE SCANNER MK9535-538/HCA LOL this is just for Fun unless you can actually use it FIRE LITE BG-12LO WEATHERPROOF FIRE ALARM PULL STATION All this is from one Ebay Store the Guy has some pretty niffty stuff see for yourself
  3. Ill definetly be there I have been to all from 13 on up when i found out about Defcon. Its easy for me to get there since I live here in Vegas If anyone wants to meet up Let me know.
  4. Well Ohm was right all along. It was my media for some reason, I use nothing but SONY DVDr and CDr 8 of my cdrs wrote the ubuntu wrong i went to Radio shack and baught 30 memorex cdrs for 4.99 and it worked. So I now have Ubuntu up and running. I also went ahead and ordered the cds from ubuntu any way though. Oh Radio shack also has a Maxtor 160G external hard drive for 69.99 also. Well I do appreciate all of your posts and help I will have more ?s for you soon enough.
  5. Ill check into that I just used my last Disk Ill pick some up when I get a chance and let you know what happens.
  6. The only one I have left is 697mb that is the one that I DL from the Torrents, the other ones were the same exact size. For an Update I re DL directly from the Site and it to is 697mb and I did the MD5 Check it failed I tried burning again LOL and had Nero do an integrity check and all the sectors failed and had errors Im going to try another computer tomarrow and see if that helps any. This is a weird issue as I have burnt many ISOs using nero and never had any troubles. Any way ill keep you all informed and let you know what happens when I use a friends comp to burn it.
  7. I used this from the Direct instructions off Ubuntu to check the MD5 winMD5Sum. I used Nero 7 ultimate the first time to burn the ISO image and Infra Recorder the last 3 times and I did the MD5 check before i burnt the copies and went ahead with the burns any way even though they did not match. Like I said I tried 3 different downloads of the ISO and all of them did the Same thing.
  8. I wasted 4 cds the sony brand I only use good media. I tried at different speeds the same thing occurs, I am using a laptop that is fairly new with a combo drive do to the fact my Antec powersupply burnt out a week ago in my BIG RIG for gaming I have to send it in for warranty work. I used the Instructions on the Ubuntu web site for checking my MD5 checksum and it tells me they are not a match. I have downloaded from 3 sources including a torrent download and every ISO comes out the same MD5 checksum is not the same I ordered the CDS already but wanted to try and get it sooner then later I guess I will just wait. But thanks for the Replies Ill just wait the 6-10 Weeks and use the CDS they send.
  9. I have just downloaded Ubuntu after seeing some screenshots of it, and now after the Md5 check it is incorrect and when i put the ISO on CD it boots into the install screen and Says error reading CD. Could this be because the MD5 is incorrect and its a bad download. If this is correct can some one guide me to a good ISO Download so I can try it out. Im currently using Fedora Core 2.