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  1. I have this same exact system running as my firewall right now. You can overclock them to a 233, mine's been running SmoothWall Linux for about 4 years without issues.
  2. Slackware. I just picked up a Dell Latitude LS - PIII 400, 128mb RAM, and I put a 12g hdd in it. Loaded up Slackware, using flux box it works great. I then installed Enlightenment 17 - much more eye candy than flux, but still very fast. Not sure if E17 will run on a PII, but I would definetly go with slackware. I have a 512mb swap space, and very rarely hit it.
  3. If your up in that price range already, get a dual core processor. The 4000 is going to be faster, the HT speed is actually the same on both of those processors, there both 2000Mhz. You have a misprint somewhere on that 3800+. Dunno if your into overclocking, but both of those procs are only 2.4 Ghz, I have a 3200+ which is 2.0 Ghz stock, and have it overclocked to 2.85 Ghz, faster than both, and a bit cheaper too (just has the 512k cache instead of 1mb). But like I said, if you're already in that price range, go with either an athlon dual core or an opteron 939 dual core. If all you play is games, a faster single core may be better, unless the game is multi-threaded. I guess I multitask more than I game play so less clockspeed and more cores is better for me. Plus if you get the right stepping on those opties you can hit 3Ghz on air cooling ;-)
  4. VMWare works perfectly for me, not a single issue. As long as you dont need to virtualize a windows box, you may want to look into OpenVirtuozzo, it may be a bit faster since it simply runs a patched kernel, instead of a kernel per virtual server. This allows it to be a bit quicker, but there are a few small limitations about it too. Not sure if it can virtualize BSD's tho.
  5. Hello all, In the recent times, I've gone back to listen to some older radio shows, and I came across GeekLoveRadio on my file server. I remembered how much I liked the show, and set out to get the episodes that I was missing. I'm having no such luck. Since there isn't really a place that has them archived exept for, and even that site is missing some. It looks like I'm missing about 13+ episodes to get my archive up to date. If ANYONE has these, and if anyone has shownotes, PLEASE send them to me. You can view the current archive at:'s GeekLoveRadio Archive Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  6. You want a box? I'll sell ya one, shit I'll sell ya 10. I have dozens of 550 and below machines i NEEED to get rid of. They'll have ram, hdd's most have integrated vid, lan, and sound even. PM me if you're interested, or hit up #binrev irc, I'm usually always in there ;-) 500mhz boxes are just FINE for even webservers. I'm willing to bet some of your local ISP's still use old boxes like these, it doenst take much power to do simple stuff like that. I know a guy who used to run an ISP, that used 300mhz celerons, with RH 7.3 on them.
  7. Its probably due to the laptop harddrive, there slow. Especially if its a little older one, its probably a 4200 RPM drive, you'll get very slow transfer speeds from that. Keep in mind, the '100mb/sec' you say you should be getting, is actually only 12.5Mb/sec. Gotta love the bits to bytes conversion that everyone gets confused over. If your using wireless on the laptop, an 802.11b adapter has a theoretical max speed of 1.375Mb/sec.
  8. Actually, they have Firefox Minefield Version 3.0a1 out now.... Firefox 3.0a1 Windows Firefox 3.0a1 Linux Firefox 3.0a1 MacOSX
  9. Uh. How many people do you see wardriving with a desktop? Done it. I used to have an older VW Campmobile, I had my inverter, 15" monitor, and desktop sitting ontop of the table in back for a little while. And yes, when you pull up in a parking lot, open the sliding door because its hot as F, and sit workin on your computer, you DO get some odd looks from peeps in the parking lot.
  10. well... I would go back one series in the kernel config.. Should be the K7 option. Is this a Socket 754 semperon or socket A semperon? If its a socket A its DEFINETLY a k7, if its a 754, its "sort of" a k8. In my experience, chaning this option in the kernel didnt make a *huge* difference in speeds in any way. I have not tried compiling one with and one without to compare, but from a stock kernel to one that i've upgraded i usually dont notice a speed increase even if there were any. Adding RAM is usually a good way to speed up machines, especially if its below 1Gb nowdays. Hopefully that helps...
  11. 10 PRINT "I'm uber1337, let me in your BBS" 20 GOTO 10 rofl @ basic i get it now, ty You know what they say about BASIC programmers, they never die, the just GOSUB and never RETURN !!
  12. Actually, thats not more secure. Granted, the encryption process may be better, but it is DEFINETLY not more secure. ANYTIME you use a symmetric key, it is less secure than an asymmetric key. You see, this way, if anyone happens to get your symmetric key, they own you. They may impersonate you (by using the key to encrypt other messages to be sent), and they may decrypt any files you have encrypted. When you use asymmetric keys, it becomes much harder to impersonate you. The only way someone could, is if you gave them your private key. The safest way to do this, would actually be to encrypt the excell spreadsheet with your public key. Then only your private key can decrypt it. Since you are the only one with your private key, you and you alone have access to this file. With asymmetric encryption, it is literally impossible to figure out what key encrypted the file, and what the other encyption key is, when given only the encrypted file. (make sense? hehe) The only way to do this, would be to physically break the encryption algorithim. Hope that helped.
  13. heh, its called "Install From Source". Anyway, a while back, thats exactly why I started trying different distos, to have some package management. Upon doing so, I still found myself installing every single program from source! Im not sure why, but I always install from source. Just almost seems easier to me, then, I know exactly where every config file is and the such... As for Dr.Z2A -- Did you choose to install X, and a Xwindow system, or window manager? From what it sounds like, you didnt install X. That would be a problem, you can either install the xserver, the libraries, a window manager, and then KDE or GNOME OR reinstall. I'd prolly just do a reinstall - and make SURE you choose to install a X window system.
  14. In addition to what is listed, it is also actually a bit tough to get SSL working on certain web servers. I have setup SSL smtp and pop3 before, but never SSL http, so i am working on that now.
  15. Yea, fiber optic stuff is cool. Now, they don't even say there are three types, only two, mulitmode and single mode. We did some splicing and connectorizing of fiber optics last year, thats pretty sweet too. To splice the fiber optics, after you have the fibers cleaved and cleaned, they use a 'fuser' to actually melt the fibers back together, its neat. If you ever have the chance to see it in person, I would say go for it.