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  1. does any1 know a good tut on how to create a botnet or can help me step by step ? I search in google but...... So, can any1 help me? Im n00b.Thanx in advance!
  2. Hallo guys!!i have a question.when you type net localgroup in the cmd window you take something like this *Administrators *Backup Operators *Debugger Users *Guests *HelpServicesGroup *Network Configuration Operators *Power Users *Remote Desktop Users *Replicator *Users The command completed successfully. ok.Now if you want to add a user into the admins group you type 1st net user username password /ADD 2nd net localgroup Administrators username password /ADD What i am going to write when i want to add a user in Network Configuration Operators group e.g? I try net localgroup Network Configuration Operators username password /ADD but nothing happens. does eny1 of you knows how to do that? Thanx in advance!