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  1. Hi, operat0r! Can you tell me please how to change the ssl listen to 80 and how to tunnel DNS in Firefox running on WinXP SP2?
  2. Thank you all for your help! The login page is a https page, and it is redirecting any site request. For example, if I want to access it starts loading the page but then the connection is redirected to that intranet login page. That login page is something like this: I assume that port 80 is still open because my browser starts loading any site, except for https, but then the login page appears. I think is a good idea to use a port scanner to see what ports are open, I will try to find one. Another think that makes me believe that port 80 is still open is when a I enter any https site like this: it does connect to that site but it fails loading as incoming connection to 443 port are restricted. I have Torpark_2.0.0.3a but it can't connect to any site.
  3. Thanks! I'll see what I can do.
  4. Yeah, it redirects me to a login page, everytime I want to access any site. When I was using the ssl connection to the secure web proxy, this redirection was impossible, because the traffic was encrypted. But as they close port 443 (SSL), the onlly open port is 80 and unless I encrypt the web trafic, it redirects me. I tried to connect to https site like this: and it does connect to the remote site, but the page is not loading, because the ongoing traffic is on port 443 which is closed. I have openssh and putty but I think I need a shell account, I mean a remote server to connect to before I connect to internet.
  5. Hello Guys! Our ISP administrator suddenly changed the way we connect to internet, from LAN to PPPoE connection, and this last one is very slow, like 10-12KB/s. On LAN connection, I was downloading at 500KB/s. After PPPoE connection was implemented, I discovered a method to use the old and fast connection: using a ssl web proxy, like this: After a while, the network administrator was probably alerted by the amount of data transferred through the LAN connection(I was downloading up to 2-3 GB/day, maybe more) and he had probably decided to close the port 443 (ssl) and redirect all connection from LAN to an intranet https login page. Now, I know that the only allowed connection is the http on port 80. My network knowledge is pretty poor, so who can help me and tell how to establish a crypted or secure connection on port 80 as to overpass the intranet redirection page and to access the web? Do you know any gui or simple application that would do that? Thank you for any help!