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  1. People are lame.. virtual crimes are even lamer.
  2. Did you even try? :|
  3. Rachael Leigh Cook is hot, she made that movie worth watching... too bad no movies like that are made anymore. (Update) Oh, and the best thing Apple did was use BSD as the basis for their operating system, down with embedded GUI-only operating systems without an adequately sophisticated text interface.
  4. They have a datasheet... it could be running Linux or WinCE... assuming it's obtaining a DHCP lease from your gateway, play around with it.. see if it's running telnet/ssh. Don't be too excited, it has some clearly proprietary functionality.. mostly the HD DRM crap. My advice: disassemble it.. find datasheets for individual components.. learn, post lot's of naked pictures... of it, not you.. thanks.
  5. There should be an organization that rescues computers from unworthy owners.. Love the blog btw, found it referenced in one of your posts... didn't realize you're also the person who demonstrated that video on the 8086 thing. Please ignore any of my violent outbursts, I just use this place to vent.. the people here are rather silly though.
  6. Windows pioneered nothing, nor did Microsoft.. technology and adequately fast computers existed before Microsoft's dominance. All they've done is proliferate technological ignorance, Windows users have no minds... and souls simply don't exist.
  7. Show a little initiative sir.. track down the controlling process, I'll give you a hint.. lsof.
  8. People like moth here should be jailed, indefinitely.. they may have been naive and ignorant, but you're downright arrogant and destructive.
  9. Every fax machine is different obviously, some are more sophisticated then others... you would need to do vendor/model specific research and plan the appropriate "attack vector". This means, obtain an identical model.. attempt to dump any (E)EPROM's.. figure out the architecture used. (It very well could be a in house ASIC design, custom architecture.. embedded OS.). Until you have a chance to disassemble the routines you're interested in "exploiting", you're most definitely flying blind... you'll have to reverse engineer the hardware before the software.
  10. Your comment adds nothing to this topic. There is no method of browsing files on a TFTP server, you must know the file name beforehand.. I'm sure he's aware there is nothing preventing him from scanning a range for available TFTP hosts. My post in 2 words: You suck.
  11. OpenBSD, fluxbox.
  12. People have this weird idea that memory mapped devices "steal" or "utilize" their RAM, that's incorrect... a 32-bit processor can access 4GB of address space, regardless of how much RAM you have installed, there is 4GB of address space, though... most of the addresses are disconnected, i.e: void space, installed RAM and other devices are eventually mapped into this space. Now, if you have 4GB of RAM installed in a computer.. it's obvious you can't map all 4GB of it into physical address space... because other things, MMIO devices for example.. have first dibs. Intel x86 processors for example.. actually have 36-bits of address space, but due to architectural limits.. i.e: 32-bit registers.. you can really utilize it without OS PAE or PSE36 support. In this case, if you install 4GB of RAM on a processor that supports PAE/PSE36, some of that RAM is mapped above 32-bit physical.. out of reach unless the operating system supports PAE/PSE36 properly. So again, memory mapped devices don't steal RAM... they just take its place.. with the exception of some embedded GPU implementations, they do that.. .
  13. Even they allow native applications, granted with a flawed "signing" requirement.. i.e: Apple Store run by nazi ninjas. But, you can run always jail break it, run OpenSSH, turn it into an interesting BSD powered device... Anything running Android is a crippled Java platform... we've seen that already, it's old news.... there are cheaper, less locked down phones out there that allow native applications, they'll always be better then a Java-Phone. As I said, Android is full of lame.. don't deny it.
  14. I think it's lame, they use Linux as a kernel.. but disallow any native applications, it's just some Java crap that's totally useless. This project is full of fail. Java sucks.
  15. I dare say duper and oddflux have shit for brains.
  16. I believe this is the datasheet for the screen... you'll need it, more then likely...
  17. I love you Ohm.
  18. We couldn't possibly help you without reverse engineering it ourselves. If you have no expertise in programming, take that up as a hobby first... learn the basics, perhaps try making your own implementation of an RFC, perhaps an implementation of tar or GZIP. Just to give you something to google for, the firmware could be encrypted... compressed... the latter being the most likely on embedded devices, it could be a proprietary format.. but typically it's easier to use an existing format. The actual structure of the file is undocumented, you'll have to figure it out yourself, it might not even be a single file.. it could be a custom archive format... or perhaps a compiled binary for some mystery architecture. We.Have.No.Point.Of.Reference.
  19. Better: cat part1 part2 > whole You fail at life.
  20. Only pieces of the Mac OS were embedded in ROM... if you replaced the hard disk, you'll need to obtain the OS 6/7 installation diskettes.
  21. CF and IDE are electronically compatible, SCSI is a fairly complex protocol.. a language even, which would need to be emulated by any CF->SCSI converter you can find... I own a Mac SE HD, You'll soon notice how unorthodox the screws are for the system, you'll need to buy a special screw driver... post lots of pix
  22. The real question, is what do you mean by "network passwords"? If you mean SSH... why not just study the daemon? I do believe they use OpenSSH, developed by OpenBSD. They zero the memory of the transmitted password after they've confirmed the hash matches up.. a way to avoid this entirely is public key authentication. Studying the daemon, and.. perhaps the protocol itself... would have been a better start.
  23. Most typical SOHO routers are faster, and of the same architecture... cheaper too.
  24. Anyone else know of any sites/blogs like igorsk's? not like what Aghaster posted.. totally irrelevant.
  25. This was already reported about, read the head line... August 6th? Apple already removed the item off the store... after 6/7 people downloaded it. You people need a new hobby.