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  1. My google account works good. I use this numbers instead of giving out a cell number. Ive messed around and it's like gmail - the setup at least.
  2. Are you using any type of wire that will make your FM signal screwed up? ...
  3. Sorry. I mean when you dial up a payphone. It rings then drops. Why do they all ring once now?
  4. I wonder what glitches it will have. The.....goog screen of death?
  5. I have kept a few in my cell phone for fun, and now they all seem to be dead....but...not disconnected. Try it...explain it. The tone dials once then hangs up. (Instead of the female voice error.) Yes, I have tried different tele co's.
  6. Well well - screw google and other boards. any torrents that work without bricking. NO I DONT HAVE THE GTA game. :voteno: