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  1. DSL works for me very slow...
  2. I get error "Out of Memory:Kill process 2 (ksoftirqd/0) score 0 and children" sometimes OS booting just stops...
  4. I download "debian net install" (about 150MB) but it don't works for me. CD boot I do "acpi=off" but OS starting stops... Maybe better try "business card" ?
  5. ?
  6. BSD ? What BSD OS you recommend? Maybe FreeBSD...
  7. My pc RAM 16 MB CPU 133mhz pentium mmx Hdd 2GB I' want OS without X...
  8. 0k, i understand. thanks for info
  9. hi, i need distra to fit on my old pc Damn Small Linux (DSL) is to big... I' dont need X, only txt mode and some programs like perl, gcc, dpkg... So what distribution you recommend? Thanks.
  10. Intresting... I had never got the SPAM sms or some advertise sms.I got only sms from my provaider(maybe in your country different) but there are some Free sms sending services on the net. But ussualy they let you send only few sms. That services use SMTP if i remmember. Many of them don't provide free sms to lithuania
  11. Oh sorry
  12. Yes, but I'm from Lithuania... 880030254 Drugs Sale Department.
  13. I was 14 years old. Friend show me how easy (with exploit )he can deface phpbb forum. I wanna try too so I download php script, put that script in host and run code I easy get admin pass hash, next with cookie editor i made the cookie with admin hash.I type the forum url and i became admin. I was total lamer, but i do daface
  14. My first phreak was... When i was doing free numbers scanning, i found a VMB/VMS (pass was default) so easy get inside I change the greating message. I'm still playing with that VMS and listening other peoples messages 70% acc have a default passwords....
  15. Yes downloads are nice, but most tutorials are outdated