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  1. i know Basically it is in part of a group of hundreds of proxies, so if one get banned, go home and pick another, although its not that muc better than googling.
  2. yer definately, i wish you the best of luck for it!
  3. shouldnt this be in the social engeneering section??? actually.........yer wait, this forum.......yer, sorry, your right
  4. well, you definately said that right! although some admins can be nice.......but most arent
  5. this might help, but maybe you (as admin) could cange a policy, or make one, saying that they cant turn there folders, docs, files ect ect to private. Just a guess???
  6. yep, i definately agree, it is very meaningful and is pretty good! Nice one!
  7. Build an isp......mmmmm......sounds interesting
  8. yer, that is some preeety good info
  9. binary clocks are very cool yer, at last someone who agrees!!!! I love them two
  10. sweet!, i want that to be my house! think of the computer power!!!!!!
  11. lol............i dont like it.................. lol
  12. hahaha, fucking hell thats funny!!!!! yer, but anyway its sort of the same here, so I sympathise with you.
  13. thanx, thats conforting , so do you use wanadoo\orange as your isp? If you do, then i bet my ass that wanadoo has disallowed telnet!!!!! After all, your a custom, 5 star memb, so your not really going to have screwed up your internet
  14. errr, what holy war???? queen bill gates against emporar linux??
  15. yer, thats a preeeety neat machine, lol, im going to try and mke one!