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  1. just about 1 hr. ago, my dad, neighbor, and i disassembled a 25 ft. radio tower. the cost FREE! the house with the tower had a cb'er living there. he moved a few years ago, left the tower/antennas. a cool lady moved in soon thereafter. after a few weeks of debate in my head and an a-ok by my dad, i just walked over to her house and asked if i could purchase it from her. i explained that i am a ham radio op. and explained my intentions, and she had no plans for it's future use. she said she'd think about it, and 3 days later (tonight) she came over and said okay. all i had to do was remove the wasp's nest from the top, disassemble, and carry it home. everybody walked away safely and i am ahead one tower. you'll never know until you ask.
  2. no problem. i'm in a cisco program and will definitely post more links when possible.
  3. here is a link for cisco networking docs - alot of solid info. enjoy
  5. although some are geared towards electronic components, you could try:
  6. my, bad. didn't log in. no problem on the freq chart. i'll try to post more links of the similar subject.
  7. - us frequency allocation chart - at&t long lines towers
  8. one place you could check out is 2600 magazine's article by Lucky225, "the end of on era" in the summer 2002 issue, you could also check out :
  9. one more link for tonight:
  10. here's a little better link - cisco's packet magazine. click on the archives menu on the left side, scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the pdf file. some of the info is pretty technical stuff (ss7 over ip).
  12. a meet-up would be cool.
  13. i love cradle of filth, especially "cruelty and the beast".
  14. i'm planning on going too. the hotel is booked and the weekend is cleared. i totally agree - dayton hamvention = ham radio tradition
  15. a few cable modem links which might help find the answer