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  1. For my work with ARM, i find that FasmArm is a good ARM assembler.
  2. As has been pointed out, there is not a lot of advantages with ASM over C other that size of binary (which is important when coding embedded device ), but i would add, that your best bet is to try them both, as some coders (including myself ) find ASM easier than C, it's just depend on how your brain works.
  3. A better way maybe with Firewire
  4. Try this Also see this topic: I am doing some work in this field, i am working on a program to search ram on cold rebooting, to find key signatures, dumping ram to usb is much too slow, so a program like this will be much better.
  5. COMPAQ ARMADA 7790DMT The only problem with them as far as OS Dev goes, is they do not have vesa 2 (only vesa 1 and no LFB ).
  6. Use them for OS Dev, like i do
  7. Try SpinRite, see here:
  8. I like the idea too, would a tut like this be simple enough ? I wrote it after none of the wep tuts i read, seem to work for me. PS: I had the same "./" problem with run programs on linux too.
  9. I run a open source project (a hobby OS project ), we use to only let team members have the source code, as theres a lots of people that just rename the OS, as if they coded it, something that you and your team have been working on for 4-5 years. But then we decide why should these rippers stop genuine coders who want to learn, from getting the code, so we released the source code for the OS and all programs.
  10. The Asus Eee is great, even for normal work, its so portable, its got the best wireless range i have come across (eg: none of my other devices can be used at the bottom of my garden), battry life is great. I like it so much, i bought another one a week after the first one, also anyone who has used it for any time as bought one or wants one. I am working on my own OS and other than the vesa limit of 640x480 32bpp screen size, everthing else works fine with my OS. See here for all the linux distros you can run on it Having said all the above, i do have small fingers.
  11. If you want you can try my OS, DexOS if you type sysinfo <enter> At the CLI it will tell you the amount of usable ram, it very small and will boot from a floppy or cd, usb fob etc. Just do a search in google, as i do not want to spam.
  12. Yes the FBI should be able to supply you with a list, as the best ones are owned by them .
  13. Once you learnt a bit of asm, this book is good Also look into fasm, as a assembler, it what i use and the above book is based on that assembler.
  14. I think the choice is down to what you want to do, eg: i try to write as many programs as i can my self, but alot of my program need to run on windows (as that's what most people use ). But if i do a program like interfacing with a RFID tag reader, i would use linux or my own OS. PS: I have use mandrake (now mandriva ) for many years and i can not believe anyone could not easy install it, as my 12 year old sister has installed many differant ver of mandrake (now mandriva ), on differant PC's without any problems.
  15. When i tell people who want to learn programming, to give ASM a try, alot of higher level programmers think i am mad or being sarcastic. But i truly believe that ASM is the right beginners language for about 10% of coders. As once you understand ASM, you will be a better coder, when using higher level languages, but do not get me wrong, C is also a great and powerfull language. I just like to keep things simple and have full control, thats what you get with ASM, what you put in, is what you get out. I am not one of those coders who thinks that just because its written in ASM, it will be more optimised than the same code done in C, as in most case it will not, smaller yes. I, a long with a number of other codes, i have come across, find ASM much easier to understand and read, than say the same code written in C, maybe it something to do with the way our brain decode info or the fact that in my case, i am dyslexic. But i think i could teach a Newbie who wants to learn ASM, as fast, if not faster than he/she could learn C. Maybe we should be asking, if you could click your fingers and be a expert, what language would you chose ?.