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  1. Well, I haven't posted in a while but thought this might be worth sharing Warcarting
  2. Since you already have a mac, give KisMAC a shot?
  3. I watched some of the videos and they were great, thanks for posting!
  4. One idea, probably not that effective is that if you know the IP, do a port scan of the entire range, looking for any unique host names. Sometimes people will name there PC's using an address of where they live or a name. If its a name, look it up in the directory.
  5. A: Create shares - B: Routing isnt really needed, but depends on your router. Here's how to map a network drive - C: Right click My Computer and choose Properties - D: Connections for what? E: Google is a good start
  6. I thought I would post this here: The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a related suit against AT&T on 31 January 2006, alleging that the firm had given NSA access to its database, a charge reiterated in the USA Today article. [2] Verizon and BellSouth have both claimed they were never contacted by the NSA, nor did they provide any information to the agency,[3][3] though US codes of law[4] permit companies to lie about their activities when the President believes that telling the truth would compromise national security.[4] Original link
  7. Are ya still making episodes for Whitesword TV? I kinda miss em haha
  8. Check out:
  9. Thanks for the info
  10. Is there any way to trace a number, 1800 specifically, to find out where they get routed through?
  11. I wouldn't also be surprised if this attack utilized computer's that have been attacked with spy ware, viruses or trojans, its the same idea as distributed or grid computing.
  12. Just tried it here on Word 2007 and got 515 pages!! Some 370,000 words
  13. You will rarely find any domain controllers through the Internet. 99.9% of them will be inside of a private network with private IP addressing. That other 0.1%, find an insecure company with an insecure VPN. This is from my opinion.