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  1. I have a friend who once lived in England. Well he wants to watch their shows. I want to know if it is possible to do it. Don't worry about the PAL to NTSC conversion I can handle that. If you have info message me. Or post here. I think this could be a fun project for me.
  2. Good work getting that shit out on the web, Finally. As a professional Video guy and newbie on the Hack scene, I am debating how to comment on the first show. Do I comment in the Editor mindset or uninformed newb? Well lets do both. EDITOR VERSION Video quality was low for many parts. I would have froze frames for the Wardriving, that way you avoid the wack camera work. I don't expect you guys to be camera gods, but stills of the screen would really help. Titles of each section would help too. Many of the shots were very out of focus. To get around that you can restage stuff. Take screen shots of things as you do them and cut to those in the master version. The sound was good for much of the stuff. That I must congratulate you on. Because any show is 50% video and 50% sound many people forget that. The intro is a little long and loose. I would show more cuts of hands typing screens of software and techy shit like that. To me that says Hack. I offer my skills and gear if you guys need it. I don't want to be some guy just bad mouthing and not giving solutions. Over All I would watch again, but I would spread the word about the show to friends cause they wouldn't watch. NEWBIE VERSION It downloaded fast and was a good file size. The sound was crisp and clean. I didn't know what the first section was till halfway through. I liked seeing Kismat and the net stumbler, as I am a mac only guy. The car hack was cool but would have been better if you got in the computer system of the car and showed what that's like. Over all I would watch daily if I had the chance. Keep em coming. Don't hate me. It's just what I get paid to do.
  3. It's up and a little late but I have a real job to do so that's my reason. Enjoy and send mail to bobnino, mdp, lcw, jackieglasgow Be mean or be nice it's up to you.
  4. Jackie was drunk and has a crush on LCW. She has a man though. I wanted him to just admit that only a few companies control the movies and it sucks. But he just wanted to be on their side cause he thinks it's the only way he can get money. Thanks for listening to the show. I will post email address to us this week. I am still finishing Trailer Park Boys work. peace
  5. the html ain't up to date yet but show 2 is up. Show 2. With host Bobnino, along with LCW, And Jackie Glassgow. The Topic what's wrong with the industry? Why do independent films get lost in the shuffle? goto login and password = reelhacks Enjoy. And I still have no intro music so shoot me. Extro music is Gang of Fours - I found that essence rare Peace
  6. Hey SnakeEyes You think these are the same as in my city? Cause parking is a bitch up here. Can you help a brother out and let me know. Also I got a 404 on the link. even after clicking that smiley. I can host it on my server if you people send it to me. Listen to Reel Hacks
  7. Ok Stankdawg what is deal on the show opener. If you guys have audio already that you want to keep, then I could design a show opening. People could submit ideas and files and they could be incorporated in the opening. What say the gang? I don't want to assume that I am the best but I bet I have the best gear to do it. And I have been an actual paid professional at this for 5 years.
  8. iPod gen 2 has an audio record system test. So it would seem ipods will record too. this should help make the iPod a great phone phreak tool. here is a link
  9. I will commit my time and bandwidth to cutting things. I also intend on doing my own content but have no idea what you guys want. right now I can offer comical content for Trailer Park Boys the show I do.
  10. I only download. I never seem to be around when you cats are on.
  11. I have used zoneedit for two years and only had problems cause i suck. It's nice and simple they rock.
  12. I hear you hacnslash. I don't want to come off all high and mighty but I just got this baby. It's my first personnal comp. All the others where works or families. I am only 25 but it took a while to get what I wanted. So maybe someday you will have a quad P7 8ghz or what ever. But I will still only have this G4. But love is a long term commentment. Not that you don't love your comp but a Mac is a much bigger love affair.
  13. Once you go Mac you never go back. Trust me. You get the software you need, you piss off Bill and it looks and feels soooo slick. Sex is important to me and that is why I bought a Mac. Go high price Call girl don't go crack whore. I can hook peeps up with the mac shit yo's. I have a hugh Carracho server. After all I got 1800 gigs of space. Just search for Bob Nino and tell me your from this forum and I can hook you up. I love my Dual 1.25ghz with 2 gig of DDR ram, superdrive and 23 inch Cinema HD display. sorry I had to brag.
  14. Here is my experience. I can't get people to leave windows to go mac, and i had a hell of a time getting my Bro who is a full-time programer to even read about linux. Why? Cause people fear change. I may be one of the only people who stands up and says give me that new shit you got. Because I want to see what it can do and can't do. I want to know what people have to offer me and society. I think that is why I am here. You guys seem to think like me. You all try it out then say what works and doesn't. RIGHT ON :rock: Well needless to say when I finally got my dick of a bro to try linux he spent 3 pages to tell me how great it was, how he could do everything he wanted and more. Of course having no programing skill myself it went over my head but needless to say Big brother knows better than you Andy. Man brothers get on your nerve sometimes. well thats all I guess. Keep it real.
  15. Defrag depends on the drives speed and bus speed. So I guess each drive averages about 3 hours. But sometimes I have heavy defrag sessions, mostly after large shows I have worked on. This May will be a month of full defrag and and Raid building. Want to help. :cry: