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Status Updates posted by StankDawg

  1. hates every last one of you bastards.

    1. lattera


      Stankypoo, whatever happened to change your mind, especially after our frontal spoonage?

    2. StankDawg


      I didnt know you could leave messages to status updates!

    3. lattera


      Reinventing the Facebook wheel ftw!

  2. is getting married in less than 30 days! w00t!

    1. chown


      Wow good work Stank! I wish you both the best!

    2. heisenbug
    3. DrakeAnubis



  3. cleaning up a alittle SPAM...once every few weeks I do this.

    1. StankDawg


      Took about an hour to do that. I'll be back again in a few weeks.

    2. serrath


      We appreciate it. Nice to have shiny clean forums. :)

    3. StankDawg


      spam cleaned up again...getting bad lately. I havent had time to update the software.

  4. Swinging the banhammer...

    1. tekio


      8088? He still has a ways to go if match the Motorola 68030 in my first computer: a Commodore Amiga A300.

    2. tekio
    3. tekio


      HAha! That was an Amiga 500. I woke up one morning in the 90's and saw the familiar WorkBench Kernel Panic Error. on the Preview Channel.

      It was a pretty sweet machine, IMO. Had an OpalVision graphics and Wanted a Video Toaster. But was saving up for a 500GB HD. I was really young, and mowing lawns didn't pay well... LOL

  5. is tying the knot!

    1. resistorX


      Wow! Congrats!

    2. epew23


      if you tied the knot on the second thats amazing. Thats me sons bday!!

  6. will be married this Friday, 11/11/11.

  7. report problems or they will not get fixed.

    1. Powermaniac7


      Problems such as?

    2. serrath


      I reported my first problem! :) (Up above in teh shoutbox.)

  8. is scared that the weeping angels will get him.

    1. Widow


      I am receiving the following message, but each time I try again, the same message comes up. Please advise. Thanks.

      [#20310] Your secure key, used to verify you are posting the topic, did not match the one submitted. Please go back, reload the form, and try again

  9. cleaning up the hack cave and finding all sorts of good stuff.

    1. phaedrus


      Is that the onset of old age creeping in right there? the pivotal moment identified "decided to tidy up the cave"...

  10. Closed out reported tickets, Cleaned up a bunch more spam and buhleeted some spammers.

    1. JCSwishMan33


      DELORTED!!! *COACH-Z'D!*

  11. is stuck in the fuck!ng airport...

  12. is chillin' in Vegas in a post Defcon stupor.

  13. has posted a lot of stuff to his blog lately...

  14. Don't fuck with the dawg.

  15. playing with our new kitten...

  16. uploaded some pics of the cutest destroyer of worlds that you will see today.

  17. SERVER MOVE IN PROGRESS!! Hang on to your hats...It may be a bumpy ride.

  18. IRC is back up @ ! Just a little hardware problem, nothing major.

  19. Some old blog posts were somehow showing up as drafts and not published. I approved most of them, but please check and let me know if you see any more issues with them. Remember that the default is to NOT PUBLISHED.

  20. - join, talk, bitch, moan, whatever floats your boat...just be civil.

  21. just blogged about twitter...what has this world turned into?

  22. Need an IRC channel for your site/group? Use !

  23. is on his way to VEgas for a nice long vacation and then DEFCON.

  24. back from Vegas/DEFCON and ready to hack the planet.

  25. is back in town after a week in Virginia! Catching up slowly...