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  1. File Name: Binary Revolution Radio - 002 - BinRev File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 13 Jan 2010 File Updated: 14 Jan 2010 File Category: Binary Revolution Radio Original Release Date: 2003-07-15 Hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3 Rough fed trouble, episode one feedback, #binrev channel on, mail from total blackout, anonymous email about Stank going off too much on the term "hacker", the masses shouldn't dictate the language, new host, redesign, mut3 surprised by company's good attitude towards him helping them out, Stank goes to <a href="">daytona</a>, mut3 has only one lappy sticker, binrev sticker plans, redneck hackers, spammers suck!!, aol sucks, aol directors just get job renewals while aol stocks go down, Stank has every aol cd EVER!, aol/dremel -> good recipe, <a href=""></a> comes to tv...court tv that is, cops is the shiz-f**king-nit, <a href="">Intuit</a> tries to fight piracy but screws Stank over in the process, Stank is getting over-conspirational, donations getting more presumptious, nobody reads the EULA, shouts to glooko. Click here to download this file
  2. OK, so I am stepping away from the day-to-day operation of binrev and all of the associated sites. BAwwww.... whatever. Anyway, I am going into the semi-retirement life that is blogging and producing content again. You will see me less involved in forum maintenance and content and becoming more of a standard user here. I will be moving the content from my old site over to this one and try to blog regularly. Why? Because FUCK YOU I'M AN ALLIGATOR! That is my new attitude. You guys all hate me, and hate how I run things, so fine...fuck you, I'm the dawg. I don't need your shit. I am living my life no and doing what I want. Right now, I have more important personal drama and bullshit in my head to deal with skiddies and asshats. I am going to focus more on my friends and family and get all of the recent negativity out of my life. That shit brings you down. I will use this blgo top post shit that I find kool and probably to whine and bitch about my life. I don't do livejournal and myspace and shit like that, so you fuckers will have to put up with it or don't read it. This is my personal place to vent and get shit off of my chest. I have been going through a lot of personal issues lately and I am finding it therapeutic to talk and write about it. It helps to get it off of my chest. If you don't like it... I will explain more about your new team and structure soon.
  3. NOTE: This post was originally made on the same date in 2005, not 2006. While doing the editing for episode 2 of HackTV, I had some footage that didn't really fit in with the regular episodes of HackTV but it was too good to leave out! Instead of watching it rot on my hard drive, I put together a special episode called "PWNED" and you might be wondering why" You see, I was fortunate enough to attend The Phreaknic 8 conference in Nashville Tennessee in October of 2004. While there I played a little prank on some of the guys in DDP (and one person who became "collateral damage") and that is exactly what this episode is about. It is about 8.5 minutes long and I didn't want to spend that much of the real HackTV episode on a prank, so I thought it was a great reason to make a special episode. It will also give you something to help pass the time until episode 2. So you can find this episode, and all episodes of HackTV over at the official HackTV site. We hope you enjoy it and spread the word! PS: Before you ask... Yes there is a new episode coming soon and no, I do not know when. I work on it on the weekends and when I get time. I try my best. Please be patient.
  4. I am finally getting around to posting about my holiday break and the end of my catastrophic 2009. Fittingly, 2009 started in the emergency room and it ended in the emergency room. I guess that is appropriate. Regardless of my 2009 health events both my family and I are perfectly healthy and looking forward to a good 2010. One of the things I was most excited about was finally getting to see my new 4 month old niece for the first time. This is my sisters first child and while I may be a bit biased, she is a beautiful baby girl and you can't help but smile looking at her. Here she is wondering who is this wolf/dawg creature that is kissing her. It's the beard...chicks dig the beard. Here we both are chilling on the couch both with our respective headgear. I also didn't waste any time getting her starting on her hacking career by teaching her the basics of phone phreaking. Both pictures were taken before the haircut so these were the last photos of a creature that might just belong on an episode of MonsterQuest. Due to the aforementioned emergency room visit, it put me behind on a lot of things including the haircut and the fund raiser (which I will wrap up this week, I promise). I *did* get the hair buzzed after I got back home and I did get it filmed to be released in a future episode of HackTV:PWNED. I also have a few photos that I took with the cameraphone that I will post in the Financiers section of the forum. I went to visit my grandmother, whom I have spoken of before, but they put them to sleep in the nursing home very early after supper (it was only 5:30 PM) so she was already in bed when I arrived and I wasn't able to spend much time with her this trip which was disappointing (and entirely my fault for not staying an extra few days to see more of her). I regret not making more time for her. In addition to spending time with my real family, I spent time with my hacking family as well. I got together with long time friends logosx, zer0db, and meaflux. We hung out and caught up on real life drama (thats what friends do) and talked tech and hax (thats what hackers do) and I missed hanging out with them every month at the BR561 meeting. Luckily I stay in touch with them all and pledge to stay even closer to them in 2010. My rebirth is complete and I am ready for a fresh start on life. I will be posting some big news about my future sometime within the next month so stay tuned for a new direction not only for me personally, but also for the entire binrev family of sites.
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    episode 72 had technical glitches, Forget it, Man! It's Chinatown!!, <a href=",aid,110320,pg,3,00.asp">Deep freeze your hard drive</a>, Losing <a href="">MST3K</a> even by accident should be a crime, It's a miracle <a href="">BRR Podcasting</a> was finished before the .ogg files were done, <a href="">Geek Love Radio</a> will be on <a href="">The Screen Savers</a>, <a href="">Hotmail</a> is up to 250 MB, <a href="">Nintendo DS WiFi</a>, Getting to know your <a href="">proxy</a> intimately, Box hopping, <a href="">Kevin Mitnick: I didn't root your box, Tommy Lee Jones: I don't care</a>, "<a href="">Gettting hacked is seldom a pleasant experience</a>.", Havoc defends Sony's quality, <a href="">2600 meeting</a> recap, <a href="">Stank will soon be on</a> the <a href="">FBI's most wanted list</a>, It's official Stank is <a href="">the Most Extreme</a>, The Animal Planet don't drop docs, <a href="">Yet Another Payphone List</a>, <a href="">The Screen Savers have cleaned house</a>, unfortunately they have not fired <a href="">Kevin Rose</a> but with your help one day we will have a cure for lamers, Dark Tip of the day: <a href="">buying a "plam pilot" from ebay</a>
  6. File Name: Default Radio - 29 - The lost stream File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 15 Jun 2011 File Category: Default Extras Hosts: lucky225, rijil v If anyone has show notes for this episode, please post them here. NOTE: If I remember correctly, this episode was streamed but not recorded locally by the hosts. I believe someone (probably nick84 at the time, but I have no evidence of that) recorded the stream to get this episode. If anyone knows this to be inaccurate, please correct me. Click here to download this file
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    Voodu worked, lotta stuff this show, <a href=""></a> team pimp, IM rants, Stank is easily satisfied, live linux distros, <a href="">default</a>,<a href=""> cccpr</a>, <a href="">rfa</a>, spyware bad, vooduhal's rig, voodu's new car, Stank's car mods, dvd player, Stank wakes up at the crack o' noon, 2600 rootwars, Stank's warehouse, <a href=""></a>, wargame formats,contact vooduhal to participate, hint system, one time only 2600 meeting attendee, Stank's <a href="">omni-directional 802.11 antenna</a>, $20-$25, <a href="">Oracle</a>, no more AIM rants for a month!, projectors, old skool: chalk and abacus, ghetto lab with the 333Mhz pII's, <a href="">EduCue personal response system</a>, InfraRed, hand raising is deprecated, Cisco used to give <a href="">voip for students</a>, college fees, tricorders, voice badge, memo: as of december 31st BellSouth will no longer provide payphone service for customer, payphones are dying, Bellsouth sucks, 3 payphones left out of 30+, kiosks?!, happy new year, <a href="">101 ways to save the internet</a>, spammers == terrorists, pr0n in peace, free the airwaves, constant wifi coverage, ".sex", <a href="">etronics</a>, shouts to cookie chix0r.
  8. File Name: Binary Revolution Radio - 078 - Cryptography File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 20 Jan 2010 File Updated: 21 Jan 2010 File Category: Binary Revolution Radio Original Release Date: 2005-11-01 Hosts: StankDawg & Elonka We have a great show for you tonight, <a href="season1.html">all the other shows were crap</a> but this is a great show, long awaited co host <a href="">Elonka</a> shows up, Code deciphering is all about the blank stare, <a href="">Ridicule from the future</a>, <a href="">VoIP + Zaurus = 1337</a>, Linux ported to the iPod, <a href="">Terror Cell</a> book update, You don't need an iPod to enjoy the <a href="">Podcasting</a> craze, Is there a list of Mozart performances?, email us if you found BRR through a Podcast, <a href="">Local Defcon meeting</a>, <a href="">Doc Droppers</a> Firefox RSS feed error, <a href="">Online games white papers</a>, There seems to be some sort of recurring theme on online radio: it's something about how people don't like something and how they should <a href="">fix it themselves</a>, Cryptology terminology, Clear text and "" text, Encryption methods, The three types of codes, The Difference between a cryptographer and a cryptoanalyst, Greek words explained, If a cypher is any good you should need a computer to crack it, <a href="">Walkthrough of the PhreakNIC three code</a>, The Cyrillic Projector, Part 4 of the Kryptos sculpture remains uncracked Click here to download this file
  9. Cleaning up the hack cave continued... Came across another paper that I had saved from a business trip to El Paso Texas. I stayed at a Hilton there and the phone instruction card caught my interest. Besides the basic how to use voicemail and how to dial long distance, I notice this at the bottom: So does it just dump you to the voicemail system without a password? All it asks is the room number? Can this be true? Maybe once you get transferred it still prompts you for a password or maybe you can spoof a number to it to bypass? Anyway, throwing the paper away but sharing it for those who are interested. Maybe other Hiltons work the same way?
  10. I am treating this as a library of links. I plan to use it as a bookmarks type page or even a notepad. Post your favorite sites, post your personal sites, post general sites, whatever. Just try to keep it nice and tidy.
  11. Announcement: As of last week, the unofficial binrev IRC server has been decommissioned. I know that a few people still liked to hang out there, but honestly it just became too much to maintain. As of now, if you see the name "BinRev" or any other reference to the Binary Revolution, StankDawg, the Digital DawgPound, or any other similar reference anywhere out there, be aware that it is not endorsed or approved by us. The simple reason why is because there were a lot of accusations being made about people in our IRC channels. Since no one is actively managing and monitoring that channel, frankly we did not know what is or is not going on on that server. Rumors started, fingers were pointed, things were said that cannot be unsaid. For that reason, I decided that it was best to just shut it down to save everyone's reputation, even if i have no evidence of wrongdoing. I just don't have time for such nonsense. If people just behave better, then I wouldn't have to do this. Look, IRC is the wild west and people get pissed at each other and launch attacks and accusations at each other and that is what ruins reputations. Such is the nature of IRC. I do not want my reputation or the BinRev reputation to be tarnished by false accusations. I do not know who pissed who off or whether someone did or did not do anything. I do not know what is true or what is not true. I do not judge without evidence. All that I know is that bad accusations were made about some IRC users and I don't want any part of it. If people can't play nicely without fighting and accusing people of doing things, then I am tearing down the playground. So whatever rumors are out there about BinRev or me personally (or anyone else for that matter) take that with a grain of salt. Anyone who has been here for any length of time knows the integrity standards that we uphold here and I continue to be disappointed in this community an how badly we attack each other. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR! Some people just live to start drama. The continued attacks on my integrity, and some of our users integrity, should be something that you should be ashamed of. If people have evidence against INDIVIDUALS and want to present that evidence, then address them individually. But do not assume that we at BinRev approve or are related to any of it. Just because someone hangs out in our forums or our IRC servers or anything for that matter, that they are somehow endorsed or approved by us. We do our best to moderate our systems and we don't always catch everything, especially as shorthanded as we are. So for that reason, the IRC server is going down since we cannot moderate it properly. It is only a matter of time before this site and the forums go down next. Sad but true. My shift is over unless someone picks up the reigns. Will the last person to exit, please turn off the lights.
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    Opening music: Ministry - "hero", Lucky225 is missing in action, VoIP Wars II: Packet8 has unlimited international!, ntheory's npa.php site (database of exchanges), the Roof Trampoline (patent panding!), ANI-ii digits (information integers??), phone calls! -Paris Hilton's cellphone -Ameritech RespOrg -the Governator -Nebraska 511 system -Lucky225's house, shouts to StankDawg, dual, & Majestic, closing music: Ministry - "lay lady, lay".
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    This was a reading of the original "hackers manifesto" by "The Mentor" as read by me. This was something that was important to me as a young hacker because it spoke to me and let me know that there were others out there who also felt unchallenged and misunderstood. I tried to read this with the same emotion that I felt when I read it the first time.
  14. always nice to see people still interested in learning about hacking in a positive way.
  15. sorry to take so long, I dont check in as often as I used to... You should be able to reset your name in your user setting area. I will go ahead and change it for you while I am here, but I think all users have the ability to change their names at any time. UPDATE: I changed it to "resistorX" without the space just because I wasn't sure.
  16. forums upgraded!  If any of you skiddies popped the site before I got it all up-to-date then have fun!

  17. binrev back up (obviously)

  18. Likely going to be my first miss. I am just so out of the scene that I really do not have much desire to go to these anymore. They are just scenes now... or I turned into a jaded old man. Possibly both.
  19. Deleted my original post... I shouldn't snap at these type of questions in this forum with special rules. I am not above the rules. I deserve the downvote.
  20. some psychos still come out of the woodworks sometimes...

  21. This makes no sense. "DDP" does not do projects and we do not charge for anything that we have done in the past. Everything we do is public and open source. I have no idea what sort of troll/phishing/scam this is but I am closing the thread as nonsense.
  22. Finally uploaded the rest of PoC||GTFO to the downloads area. Now to fix the old ones. :(

  24. Version 1.0.0