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  1. Announcement:  As of last week, the unofficial binrev IRC server has been decommissioned.  I know that a few people still liked to hang out there, but honestly it just became too much to maintain.  As of now, if you see the name "BinRev" or any other reference to the Binary Revolution, StankDawg, the Digital DawgPound, or any other similar reference anywhere out there, be aware that it is not endorsed or approved by us.


    The simple reason why is because there were a lot of accusations being made about people in our IRC channels.  Since no one is actively managing and monitoring that channel, frankly we did not know what is or is not going on on that server.  Rumors started, fingers were pointed, things were said that cannot be unsaid.  For that reason, I decided that it was best to just shut it down to save everyone's reputation, even if i have no evidence of wrongdoing.  I just don't have time for such nonsense.  If people just behave better, then I wouldn't have to do this.


    Look, IRC is the wild west and people get pissed at each other and launch attacks and accusations at each other and that is what ruins reputations.  Such is the nature of IRC.  I do not want my reputation or the BinRev reputation to be tarnished by false accusations.  I do not know who pissed who off or whether someone did or did not do anything.  I do not know what is true or what is not true.  I do not judge without evidence.  All that I know is that bad accusations were made about some IRC users and I don't want any part of it.  If people can't play nicely without fighting and accusing people of doing things, then I am tearing down the playground.


    So whatever rumors are out there about BinRev or me personally (or anyone else for that matter) take that with a grain of salt.  Anyone who has been here for any length of time knows the integrity standards that we uphold here and I continue to be disappointed in this community an how badly we attack each other.   DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR!  Some people just live to start drama.  The continued attacks on my integrity, and some of our users integrity, should be something that you should be ashamed of.  If people have evidence against INDIVIDUALS and want to present that evidence, then address them individually.  But do not assume that we at BinRev approve or are related to any of it.  Just because someone hangs out in our forums or our IRC servers or anything for that matter, that they are somehow endorsed or approved by us.  We do our best to moderate our systems and we don't always catch everything, especially as shorthanded as we are.  So for that reason, the IRC server is going down since we cannot moderate it properly.  It is only a matter of time before this site and the forums go down next.


    Sad but true.  My shift is over unless someone picks up the reigns.  Will the last person to exit, please turn off the lights.


  2. sorry to take so long, I dont check in as often as I used to...


    You should be able to reset your name in your user setting area.  I will go ahead and change it for you while I am here, but I think all users have the ability to change their names at any time.


    UPDATE: I changed it to "resistorX" without the space just because I wasn't sure.   


  3. This makes no sense.  "DDP" does not do projects and we do not charge for anything that we have done in the past.  Everything we do is public and open source.

    I have no idea what sort of troll/phishing/scam this is but I am closing the  thread as nonsense.


  4. All, this is somewhat of a duplicate post...


    I just wanted to draw your attention to the new announcement at the top o the forums for our new chat service at  See that announcement for details on how to sign up and participate.


    This thread is closed and locked because you must follow those instructions to get an account and I do not want anyone posting email addresses here.  I look forward to seeing you there!


  5. Thanks for the offer... It is a good learning exercise for me to do myself though.  I need to learn this.


    Completed content migration and cleanup today.  Now some of the other trivial bullet points for about a week or two and only then will i think about the theme and design stuff.


  6. I have recently getting back into some web presence again after a several year absence and semi-retirement.


    I have migrated most of my content from here and several previous blogs over to the new site and am in the process of cleaning it up as we speak.


    I know that it looks like hammered ass, but that is lower on the priority list.  Content migration is the first priority.  Redesign from the basic theme that I downloaded will come after that.