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Status Updates posted by StankDawg

  1. forums upgraded!  If any of you skiddies popped the site before I got it all up-to-date then have fun!

  2. binrev back up (obviously)

  3. some psychos still come out of the woodworks sometimes...

  4. Finally uploaded the rest of PoC||GTFO to the downloads area. Now to fix the old ones. :(

  5. fixed the code tag in the description of the programming/code subforum.

  6. Ah... minor tweaks to the theme make a huge difference!

  7. Gallery is fixed, avatars mostly working... hang in there.  Things are slowly getting cleaned up.

  8. Not impressed with invision support these days.

  9. Sorry:  I had to restore the forums from a backup 2 that was from Saturday night.  Hopefully this will let me fix some of the graphics issues without erasing data like I did last time.

  10. Swinging the banhammer...

    1. tekio


      8088? He still has a ways to go if match the Motorola 68030 in my first computer: a Commodore Amiga A300.

    2. tekio
    3. tekio


      HAha! That was an Amiga 500. I woke up one morning in the 90's and saw the familiar WorkBench Kernel Panic Error. on the Preview Channel.

      It was a pretty sweet machine, IMO. Had an OpalVision graphics and Wanted a Video Toaster. But was saving up for a 500GB HD. I was really young, and mowing lawns didn't pay well... LOL

  11. Closed out reported tickets, Cleaned up a bunch more spam and buhleeted some spammers.

    1. JCSwishMan33


      DELORTED!!! *COACH-Z'D!*

  12. Thanks to JCSwishman and scratchytcarrier for helping flag SPAM to bring it to my attention!

  13. Just uploaded the digital versions of BinRev Magazine to the downloads section of the website.

  14. Forums back up... pain in the ass sometimes.

  15. Upgrading the forums. Skins broken for now. Oh, how I hate skins.

  16. Just cleaning up some commie-spam...

  17. cleaning up spam again but moderators were already doing a great job!

  18. fixing bugs in invision software and 3rd party plug-ins.

  19. did some permanent account bans and SPAM cleanup thanks to great work from the mods!

  20. new moderators stepping in soon

  21. just passing through for the "i have a few minutes" spam cleanup duty.

  22. hard to type with a broken wrist...horrible pain!

  23. cleaned up more spam but big thanks to chown and wwwd40!

  24. cleaning up a alittle SPAM...once every few weeks I do this.

    1. StankDawg


      Took about an hour to do that. I'll be back again in a few weeks.

    2. serrath


      We appreciate it. Nice to have shiny clean forums. :)

    3. StankDawg


      spam cleaned up again...getting bad lately. I havent had time to update the software.