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  1. A few complaints. No offense but why does this site's design suck so badly. I miss the old design from 2004, but these days it borders on pure dysfunctionality. How difficult would it be to go and dig up the old look and throw back it up might be a step in the right direction to attracting new users.(and some of the old ones) If you don't give a fuck...why should anyone else? One other thing. I realize that everyone gets older and moves on in life...BUT being a hacker is something you are for LIFE. I find it very lame that the priorities of you and all of the names you mentioned have changed that drastically, where they don't even acknowledge their past.

    examples of non-constructive bitching: "why does the site design suck so much?" This is worthless to me. We offer a few skins to choose from and if you don't like them, then by all means design a new one for us. Be a part of the solution. And generally speaking, most people have liked the new design far better than the old ones.

    I don't give a fuck because of people like you. Please STFU and GTFO.

    I am, and always will be a hacker. It is a part of me and that will never change. I will just retire from binrev (and the rest of our sites) and stop spending my time and money for ungrateful fucktards like you.

    My priorities are *MY* priorities. I don't care of you agree with them. That is what makes them *MINE*. Just like the other have *THEIR* priorities. I respect theirs and they respect mine even if they differ. Your priority seems to simply be to troll and complain. I disagree with *YOUR* priorities and think you should DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE as stated in the original post. If that reply is the best that you have to offer, then I remain unimpressed.


  2., the tea party actually pisses me off to be honest. I was on board with the idea of "Tea Parties" back when Ron Paul was running and I supported him and they had real significance. Back then, Fox news called Ron Paul a "kook" and treated him like a crazy man. Now, suddenly, they are all on board with the tea party movement which is really just some bastardized rally cry for the republican party.

    As far as this being a new thing for me, it is not. I have had a Gadsden flag hanging outside of my house since I moved to Orlando almost 5 years ago. Long before the Glen Becks of the world knew what a Gadsden flag even was (if they even know now). I have owned guns all my life and I only recently bought a few MORE guns, that's all. But for all of the sudden frenzy of the right, there is also a frenzy of activity from the left that I also do not support. One of those things is gun control. I tried my best to stop a lot of things that I mentioned above. I voted for people who I thought would represent me as best as I could. I educate people (or I try to, most zealots already have their minds made up and are a waste of breath) about these topics all the time.

    So no, this is not over health care. I think that we SHOULD have a form of health care in this country. I don't think this particular bill is the best way to do it, but that doesn't matter now. It got passed and that is that. My recent gun purchases are unrelated to health care. As I tried to explain earlier, it is about a LOT of things that are going wrong in this country. Health care is a small thing that is part of a bigger issue and that is our government making decisions without having the best interest of the people in mind. This health care bill, like most other bills, was not created to help the people. It was made to help politicians and corporations get more money. That is another debate for another post. The issue at hand here, is the pattern of the US government overstepping it bounds repeatedly and infringing on my rights. I have taken steps to defend the rest of my rights. Thank God that the second amendment gives me that freedom to do so.

    So when the Tea party crazies *DO* rise up and go crazy on the world, I will be protecting myself from them, from the government, and from anyone else who threatens me. I have to look out for myself. No one else in the world does. I'm all alone here. Recent events in my life have proven that to me so I make no apologies for doing what I have to do to survive.


  3. *facepalm*

    It's when they pull out the lines such as "To beat a hacker, you must think like one" that I groan. That and when they use anything that involves references to The Matrix.

    From my understanding, CEH trains you in how to use the tools of the day. It doesn't teach you how something works, but how to work it. A glorified course in how to become a script-kiddy.

    Or am I off base here?

    Well, they TRY to teach you the basics of why a particular scripts works or the exploit that is behind it, but you are right that for the most part they emphasize the tools. The exam covered a lot of terminology though, so they do teach the terms and fundamentals from a "memorize and regurgitate" standpoint. I cannot say that is any better or worse than a lot of colleges across the world. As always, you get out of it what you put into it.


  4. yes but then the question is if you are a nonconformist in some immature way to diffirentiat you from the massess, or just doing what ever the hel you want and that happenes to not be what they all do.

    I am non-conformist enough to notice that there were ads in the code that I pasted here so i edited it to remove the links! :P

    There is something ironic about how people need a quiz to justify their non-conformity. I don't care,. it is just for fun. I don't really care what people think about to me to an extent. IF they know me, then they know me...if they don't then they are missing out. ;)


  5. Classic B-movie potential!- cult favorite D listers, "Black guy" from the Office, Crazy weird guy from the Daily Show, and a has been B+ almost A lister Cusack combined with an outrageous plot line.

    On a related note, are you relapsing back into depression Stank? Do you like this movie because you also wish to be teleported back in time? Do you wish that you had a chance to become a different Dawg? Are you crying yourself to sleep at night wishing you could reboot your life...:sad:

    Oh well, I'm sure with the economy and all you can get a great deal on hot tubs.


    Nope I am as happy as I have ever been. The dark cloud of 2009 has long since went back to Canada. ;)


  6. No, Americans don't deserve the flack they get from many Canadians and other people across the world. Let's lay out the positives: Americans have been at the heart of countless invaluable innovations over the last century and a half, Americans went to the motherfuckin' moon, Americans donate more than any nation *and* accept more total immigrants than any country. If America didn't exist, this world would be a very different place - and not for the better.

    Like I said, I don't hate Americans. Awesome people.

    Thats all I have been saying. No one needs to worship us...I just wish people would stop bagging on us so much. :laugh:

    And for the record, there is a lot that I like about Canada as well. Of course we are going to always see things differently, but that is just it "different" is not necessarily "better" or "worse". Difference should not lead to hate.


  7. Aghaster, I can totally see that some of the things we do may not look like the right thing to outsiders. Hell, it does not look right to a lot of us insiders (Americans) either! But the difference is that I can freely admit, "yep, we fucked that up!" or "Man, I wish we had not done this." but at the same time see all of the good things that we do as well. I do not have to be proud of EVERYTHING that we do, but I can be proud of the GOOD things that we do. Why does your post mention the war and invasions and such but does not mention the humanitarian things that we have done? We don't get credit for any of that right? Because people ASSUME that we are only doing anything good for some ulterior motive. That just isn't fair. What motive do we have to be in Haiti right now? We have a ton of problems in our own country (see how I admitted that? but God forbid I say that Canadian healthcare is not all that it is cracked up to be...which I know firsthand from using it that it is not.) yet we still go help typhoon victims and earthquake victim and starving people in Africa and aids education and prevention so much other stuff. But I am not allowed to be proud of that for some reason.

    To me, I find that we are in an unfair position where if we get involved, people hate us for doing it. If we don't get involved people hate us for not doing anything. We can't win! No matter what we do, we cannot win. It is for this reason that I wish the US would just GTFO of the United Nations altogether. We should keep our money inside of our own country and take care of our own people and problems first. If the rest of the world wants to commit genocide, then let them. I am sorry, but I am at the point where I don't want to help anymore because we always get burned and insulted for it. So I am perfectly fine to step away and let the world sort itself out. It is true that we seem to be the worlds police and I fucking hate that. I don't want that and I don't agree with that and never have. I have some understanding of why we end up in that position, but if we just get out of the UN I think that would solve everything from my point of view.

    I don't want to convert anyone or change their minds, but I want them to see the reasons and then if they know the full story, and still disagree, then great. I have nothing but respect for that. But if you are going to base your opinions and pass your judgement based on "Dr Phil" and "Wifeswap" then how do you think that makes you look like to Americans? Thats like me getting my political opinions from the Jerry Springer Show! You judge us by our FICTIONAL television shows and extreme reality bullshit? We laugh and scoff at those shows just as much as you do. We watch them, just as disgusted as you do. To reverse the logic, thats like me basing my opinion on Canada on the TV show segment "Talking to Americans" that Seal mentioned. It that what I should do? Because that is what it sounds like Canadians are doing to us. We, however, can tell the difference between reality and television. ;)

    Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. America makes mistakes and I don't think anyone denies that. Newsflash: So does Canada! But we don't seem to bash Canada as much as Canada bashes us. That just my view. And for the record, this is good conversation and I don't want anyone to think that I am angry or have any personal beef about it. I find it intriguing and am really trying to understand it. So far, I am not convinced that we deserve the attitude that we get from Canada. Hating America is just the trendy thing to do these days.


  8. What I can say is that most Canadians have experienced one or more negative experiences with an American, and that seems to fuel the sense of animosity. Usually, that sentiment is linked to a form of cultural awareness.

    I'll give some personal anecdotes that those around me have used to substantiate their negative feelings towards Americans.

    • I worked in the tourism business. An American once got upset at me because I spoke French in a bilingual commentary.
    • Another got upset that I didn't speak "American" first.
    • An American pointed to the Parliament, and asked what church that was.
    • Another American pointed to Quebec, and asked if it was another country. He didn't know how many countries there were in North America.
    • I worked in a coffee shop. An American once got really pissed at me because we only accepted Canadian money (and not American dollars.)
    • In rural Argentina, I'd encountered a really lonely individual. He was an American that had moved there because he had thought it would be great, but a year on, had still not even tried to learn Spanish. In rural Argentina, no one speaks English.
    • My dad was walking around town in the summer. An American with skiis on his roof stopped his car beside him, and asked him where all the snow was.

    The above listed experiences were isolated cases. But combine such events with people's ability to generalize, top it off with a pre-existing anti-American sentiment, and you have a volatile mixture.

    As you already stated, those were isolated incidents. If it is any consolation, I (as an American) would be a little facepalmed at them as well. Also, FWIW, I live in Orlando which is a tourist mecca so I see this all the time. I usually find it cute and just smile and educate them instead of passing judgment on them.

    In terms of having some bad interactions with Americans/Canadians, that was really the point of the original post. I had some bad experiences with some Canadians recently and luckily I caught myself and realized that I should not be making blanket judgment calls. I could type up a list right now just like your of things that this dumbass thought and said about the US that would blow your mind. I mean it, they would ignore facts staring them in the face. One example was that we are horribly racist in the US and than any minority had no chance of survival here...this despite the evidence that I work with several women from the top of the company on down, many older people, several black people, a few Indians, even someone from the Ivory Coast of Africa, and my boss (let me repeat my BOSS) who is both black and a woman. The fact is that there are ignorant Canadians just like there are ignorant Americans. I think we would have better relations between our two countries if the individuals like you and I acknowledged that we should judge people individually instead of a a group.

    It doesn't help when your television has such segments as you described. Here, people would write letters and protest any show were the scripts reversed (see Fox News and the fallout that they get on similar topics). In Canada, it seems to be not only allowed, but part of the culture. Why is that not considered "hate speech" by your laws?


  9. As a Canadian (Well, Québécois) I think I have to reply to this. Yeah, I'd say that a lot of Canadians have anti-american feelings. It's mostly because of war and stuff we see on TV such as religious fanatics fighting gay rights or people still debating the question of abortion, or even worse, retarded people who think creationism is a theory based on scientific facts. Oh, and did I mention that you guys still have capital punishment? Besides those "hot" topics that would likely make myself get shot on the spot, you also have a piece-of-shit healthcare, and you guys actually don't want to change it. Yeah, Canadians often complain about the quality of their free healthcare, but god, at least it's free and it works. The crappy healthcare is the primary reason why I would NOT want to live in the states. The funniest thing is how you guys make the equation "free healthcare == road to communism". Seriously, wtf? We're not communists and we have free healthcare.

    By the way, I do not hate Americans themselves. Most Americans are actually really nice people.

    I don't think I used the word communist anywhere. You are guys are a socialist democracy. I get this. No one said otherwise.

    Interestingly enough, you committed the same America bashing that a lot of Canadians do (which surprised me from you). You went from listing things to passing judgement against people with whom you disagree. So what if people are pro or anti abortion or whether or not they believe in creationism? Why would you call them "retarded" (Apparently, you aren't supposed to use that word anymore) simply because they believe differently from you? The same with capital punishment. That is just opinions and Americans are split on that topic as well. You also went on to call our healthcare a "piece of shit". That is not constructive conversation, that is America bashing. I would wager that you don't even know anything about our health care. I would love to educate you on that topic one day, but you actually made my point about how easily Canadians attack America. I tried to have a normal intelligent conversation about it here and you resort to insults and name calling.

    Maybe that really is just the Canadian way? A difference in culture? If I say that I think American health care is better (which I do despite some problems) does that make me a stupid American? It sounds like, from your response, that I am "retarded".


  10. How do you have time to watch so much TV?

    DVR man...DVR. If it wasn't for the DVR, I wouldn't even have cable again. I went without cable for about 2 years before I moved to Orlando. When I went back on cable here and got the DVR, it changed my life. I am not tied to the TV, I simply record it and watch it when I am bored or while I eat or read or whatever. I multitask a lot and watch TV while I do other things. I rarely watch shows the day that they air. I am usually several days or weeks behind. Also factor in that for every hour of television, after I fast forward through the commercials, it only take about 40 minutes for each show. I have mastered "Attack of the Show" on g4 so that I watch the entire 1 hour show in about7 minutes because it is mostly garbage. I jump to the funny videos, an occasional interview, and that is about it.


  11. I would suggest putting a section where people can donate whatever they feel like they can (hackers are poor)

    I don't have 25 bucks to spare but I would to be willing to donate some $ to the cause.

    Of course people can always donate any amount by simply emailing to the orders (at) binrev <.> com email address or better yet, directly to the EFF. This fundraiser is now over and we thank everyone for the support.


  12. @phail_saph: lol...this has nothing to do with jerkin' the gerkin...I don't think any man can deny doing that without lying their ass off so if you want to get that personal fine. Now you can have that wonderful image of me in your mind perv. :P I just don't want a physical-only relationship with a women. That is just sex. Making love is something totally different and that is what I want.

    Do you want me to hook you up with the FWB chick since you obviously still have your man card? ;) She might be down! :o


  13. Another great blog, but I don't get the whole pussy logic thing. I mean you did go back and see if he was OK which is more than many people would do. You were in a car, what were you supposed to do run out of your car and turn into Super Stank or something? Probably would have given your fat ass a heart attack. Also, was it necessary to identify the guy as black? That was a little weird.

    I only mention his color because you don't normally see a Mike Tyson look-alike riding a bicycle. :smile: I was just trying to give the full visual. If he would have been a skinny white dude who looked like screech from saved by the bell, I would have described him that way. It also would have been less funny, because I can visualize screech riding a bicycle... but not Iron Mike Tyson. :laugh:


  14. Man, I am glad to hear that *I* am not the only one. And yes...I usually keep this sort of thing to myself, but actually I have found that blogging is helpful because it gets it out there. And I love hearing feedback from someone else who gets it. You are always welcome to post replies or anything to this site. We may be hackers, but we are people first.

    one of the few good things that I was able to take out of that relationship and grow from that mistake was to open up more and stop bottling things up. I did that with her around and didn't even realize it. I am trying to avoid that mistake in the future. Of course that it s not as easy when the person who try to talk to will not listen and doesn't care about your feelings. I realize that the Internet at large doesn't care either...but I have the ability to delete asshole comments whereas it is pretty much impossible to shut a womans mouth. ;) Communication is a two-way street..even on the Internet.

    And yes, my girlfriend left when money was tight as well...I still think..or at least HOPE...that was just coincidence. :dry:


  15. The only problem with libraries such as those you mentioned is their governmental/publicly funded nature. I love and have always loved to patronize libraries as much as you did and do, but it often weighs upon my conscience a bit as I am essentially patronizing an institution built and paid for with stolen money, with pilfered funds.

    --The Philosopher

    I'm not sure what you mean. can you clarify "stolen money, with pilfered funds"?


  16. could be any of those things. But this is a great way to bring it back to my main point of the post. You see, I was willing and tried to go down this path of exploration and figure out what the problem was. Yes, I do think that it is mental in nature, as I posted originally. I offered to take them to counseling and even attend with them. I was paying for it all. I would also look into medical possibilities as well (even though hypochondria was another dangerous related effect of the paranoia that they displayed IMHO so it is hard to tell what is really a medical issue or what is paranoid perception).

    But the main point I am trying to make here is that I was willing to do ALL OF THOSE THINGS TO HELP THIS PERSON! They wouldn't let me. I considered trying to get them into an institution, but you cannot force an adult into an institution (easily) for any length of time, especially if you are not related to them. Believe me, I looked into it.

    So my pain is that I feel like I lost. I was not able to help someone who I know needed help. So I feel like I let one get away that I could have saved and that is hard for me. I try to help everyone. I am always there for friends and people around me who are in need. This time, I couldn't help and that hurts.

    I learned, sadly, that you cannot help someone who doesn't want to be helped.


  17. Thanks for the cheer-ups. Actually getting past this date gave me a little bit of closure just knowing that it "could have been" made me realize that it is over. I am moving on now and I wouldn't change anything about it...I also wouldn't take her back now after that date, which helped me move on as well. All this time, I thought she would come to her senses and realize her mistake, but I guess she still doesn't think it was a mistake. I always told her that no one can tell you how to feel and if she truly feels that way then what can I do? I know that I now realize that she was far too high maintenance for me and I deserve someone better.

    Life is good. :)


  18. StankDawg-

    They go to a McJob every day, dig themself into HUGE debt, and eat fast food every day and have lost the ability to function in every day society as a normal functioning adult.

    You're letting your upset get to you, calm down (patting StankDawg on back). I understand though.

    I think you've let your feelings about this person cause you to think more negative is there than actually exists, meaning this :

    If they "lost their ability to function" as you said, this would mean they wouldn't be able to go to work at all nor could they accumulate a huge debt like many people do.

    People who have truly lost their ability to function cannot work at all nor go out to get fast food. That's speaking from a psychiatric standpoint. In psychiatry, a person who has "lost their ability to function" literally cannot work at all nor can they get accumulate any debts - this is how a non-functioning person appears.

    This is good news StankDawg. It means this person isn't as bad as it seems. Sometimes things just seem that way, I can understand that feeling.

    I genuinely hope that this is the case. I really do. They are actually a good person at heart. But let me clarify that the reason that I don't think this is something that they are "just going through" right now is because I gave that benefit of the doubt and did everything to alleviate those fears. I was hoping that it was just temporary fear and confusion. Hell, *I* have been going through some things lately. 2009 has been, and this is not an exaggeration, the worst year of my life. But I keep on living and keep on moving forward the best that I can. Sure, some days you get a little down and depressed, but again, it is a temporary condition as I said in my original post. Everyone has bad days. Everyone gets scared. You have to get over it. I have (I think).

    The reason I posted this was because I did what you described and thought through those things that you mentioned. I am NOT a psychiatrist and have not studied it, so I am glad to hear your input. It makes me feel a little better. But trust me when I say that this does not seem to be something that they are "just going through" because now that I step back, I see that they have "just been going through it" for 15+ years now. I just didn't see the signs. This person will not ride the subway because they think people are watching them and staring and talking about them. They reluctantly went to school, but will not try to get a job in that field because they don't like being around people. This person doesn't like going out to any public place because they think that everyone there is judging them. They refuse to get real jobs because they they become part of "the system" and the system is so bad and is just a means to entrap them. So I guess you are right to say that they are functional after all...but I would say that they are minimally functional. Doing the bare minimum is not truly functional to me. It is dysfunctional. It is barely getting by. It is wasted potential. This person is smart, capable, and has a lot going for them if they would just stop running away from the world and hiding and making excuses and just LIVE LIFE!

    Without going into detail for privacy reasons, I will just say that they have been clinically diagnosed with some issues, so I am not totally making things up here. My only opinion or new thought is that I just think that these smaller specific issues all stem from one bigger issue that has not been diagnosed. Frankly, who the hell am I to diagnose it either? I admit that this is just my opinion and I may be wrong. My God, I hope that I am. I offered to go to counseling with them, but they refused because they didn't think that they had a problem. Maybe they are right, maybe I am the one with the problem. The truth of the matter is that I should stop caring about this person. I think my biggest problem is that I do care about other people...probably way more than I should. In general, I do have concern over my fellow man. Especially if I think that they are good people. I hate losing the "good" ones, especially when there are so many bad ones out there. Maybe I need to see a psychiatrist about that.


  19. Just a comment about ADD/ADHD. It isn't a temporary condition, it is a permanent condition. What is sad about it is how people misunderstand it. There is this perception that it's just an excuse used to cover other problems, but it's not. I would strongly recommend to anybody having ADD/ADHD to take the medicine. The reason is simple: even though one may attempt to find tricks to concentrate and focus on things, the results are often way insufficient. The funny thing is, I noticed that there are a lot of people that show clear signs of ADD/ADHD in computer science. Computers appear to be ADD friendly for some reason, probably because you can focus on your computer all day without external distractions except the computer itself.

    I didn't mean to imply that ADD/ADHD was temporary. I was saying that young kids being full of energy is temporary. Too many people, as I think you agreed, label it as ADD instead of the basic hyperactivity that many kids have. Kids have a lot of energy! Sometimes it is that simple. They grow out of it. If they do not, then yes, it could be the sign of a larger more serious condition.

    And for the record, this person refused to take their ADHD medicine because they "didn't like it" and made them "feel weird". You cannot make an adult take any medicine or get any help that they need. This is exactly what makes it sad. You cannot help someone who doesn't want to be helped.


  20. Anyway, with that said, another main factor differentiating the cautious and concerned from the mentally ill is the ability to enjoy one's life and the state of one's existence in the face of the realization that malicious intent isn't necessarily specifically directed or extant.

    See, this is the problem that I have witnessed first hand. I see a person who has become so afraid of society and everyone being against them that they have withdrawn to live in their little "cave" of an apartment. They go to a McJob every day, dig themself into HUGE debt, and eat fast food every day and have lost the ability to function in every day society as a normal functioning adult. This is where it crosses the line to a mental disorder. I am paranoid on a low level description. I can admit that, but it is just an adjective to describe the thought process of questioning things and not taking everything at face value. This is perfectly fine, I would argue that it is HEALTHY. I get called paranoid all the time, but I still live my life. I still pay my bills. I still get my education and not only survive, but thrive in the world. I don't withdraw and turn into the unabomber. This person is doing exactly that. They are in a serious situation where they cannot function in basic day-to-day life. They hide from it thinking that if they ignore it, it doesn't exist. There cannot be a problem if I stick my head in the sand. This is NOT HEALTHY and dangerous. When they hit 35 or 40 years old and have no savings, and no education, and no family, and no one to take care of them...and they are clearly unable to take care of long can you survive with no skills and no savings and no family? What about when you get to the point where you physically cannot work anymore for some reason? You have no retirement, so you have to work until the day that you die? It is just a sad thing to see someone so paranoid that they have doomed themselves. You can live like this for maybe 20 years and society will take care of you. You can live off of government programs and taxpayer dollars. You can live off of credit cards and loans and go into debt, but at some point, that runs out. Soon, you will be cut off and you will be FORCED to truly survive. If they think that they are surviving now and so string to be surviving under hard circumstances, they haven't even seen hard yet.

    And I have to sit back and watch someone throw away their life because they won't accept help. :sad: