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  1. Cleaning up the hack cave continued... Came across another paper that I had saved from a business trip to El Paso Texas. I stayed at a Hilton there and the phone instruction card caught my interest. Besides the basic how to use voicemail and how to dial long distance, I notice this at the bottom: So does it just dump you to the voicemail system without a password? All it asks is the room number? Can this be true? Maybe once you get transferred it still prompts you for a password or maybe you can spoof a number to it to bypass? Anyway, throwing the paper away but sharing it for those who are interested. Maybe other Hiltons work the same way?
  2. is back from the honeymoon...let's see if I can get back into the hax0ring scene.

  3. We can never assume intent. We can only address it if explicitly stated. I wish the court system also stayed with that mentality like they should.
  4. This is not exactrly a true statement. You can DISCUSS hacking facebook or anything for that matter. What you cannot do is encourage/incite/hire someone directly to do it. You can discuss it all day long. --- Examples: GOOD: I think facebook has a flaw in its xyw interface. It seems like it gives me different reults when i do this. Has anyone else seen similar results? BAD: I hacked facebook! Here are links to 5 sites that I defaced using it. You guys should do this too. INSTABAN: Help me hack my girlfriends facebook account. She has teh n00dz pix! --- Hopefully that clears it up.
  5. dropping docs is our specialty... and it registered from Obviously set up specifically for spamming. And this is a beautiful uncovering of how shady a lot of these SEO companies are. They just SPAM the hell out of tons of sites and call that SEO. It is not. It is spamming and it does your companies reputation more harm than good. Respect to the owner for acknowledging it and I hope he goes after the company that is harming his reputation when they were supposed to be helping it. I would request that he tell us the name of the company/person who is claiming that being a scum of the Earth SPAMMER is legitimate SEO services so that he/they are immediately discredited so that they cannot do this to someone else again.
  6. Gang, either answer the question or don't. Lectures should be done via PM. They are right, however, in that we will not help you attack a specific board to delete post. any unauthorized access of a computer system is illegal. Its that simple, even if it is minor and for an unimportant reason. So that is why the rules exist, to keep us (and you) out of trouble. That being said, someone suggested that you just edit your post. I don't know if that forum allows that or not, we allow it here (depending on the users status) but other forums may not allow it. That becomes tampering with evidence if it ever gets that far and gets the admin in trouble. So the lesson you learned from this is the same lesson that all of learned at some point and that is to NOT POST something that you may be embarrassed or ashamed of in the future. Live and learn. *shrug*
  7. will be married this Friday, 11/11/11.

  8. is getting married in less than 30 days! w00t!

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      Wow good work Stank! I wish you both the best!

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  9. It was right at the airport... I had a look and it doesn't seem to still be a Hilton. It looks like it is now called "GuestHouse Suites" if I remember the location. It was a few years ago. Keep in mind this was an old note laying around in my office.
  10. Not to bring this old thread back from the grave, but I thought it funny that this flaw still exists in the current IP Board software -- as hinted at four years ago, this vulnerability effects client-side controls used across the software suite, and as such it allows behaviour a little more serious than things like making your age a cool number ... not sure what that says about giving big 'evil' corporations a chance. ^_-. -ArchAngel Did anyone ever report it to them? lol And no, I don't trust big corporations either, but at the same time you have to give everyone a chance to prove themselves. If you never give them a chance, then you are just as much at fault as they are. I also don't think that invision software is a big corporation by any means.
  11. is back in town after a week in Virginia! Catching up slowly...

  12. I was just cleaning up the office and found a small note with the universal unlock code for the AT&T tilt. This code will unlock the phone to be carrier free and let you use it somewhere else. the code is: 81234312 I spend a good little bit of time on the phone with AT&T and being transferred about social engineering my ass off to finally get this code. I am throwing away the note and even though the phone is a few years older, I thought I would post it here in case someone had use for it. I no longer have the phone.
  13. Cleaning up my office and stumble across fun stuff like this number for the San Francisco Jacks: 415-267-6999 as heard on at least one episode of BinRev Radio amongst other places I am sure.
  14. Very nice... Actually, at defcon this past year there was a talk on this exact topic. Particularly on Macs, there is a tiny bit of firmware that basically reports the battery power/status to the system. It probably controls those little lights on the back that show a charge also. It cannot really be used to exploit a system to my knowledge, since it is very limited in its control. It could, in a worst case scenario, cause the battery to overheat by reporting charge inaccurately. I guess in a huge stretch that could lead to a fire, but I don't think you have any chance of rooting a machine using it. Your friend is not an idiot, he is just a bit misinformed or underinformed.
  15. cleaning up the hack cave and finding all sorts of good stuff.

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      Is that the onset of old age creeping in right there? the pivotal moment identified "decided to tidy up the cave"...

  17. i thought that unlock codes were unique to each phone and/or their IMEI numbers.. but i could be wrong.. That may be the case with some, but no one ever asked for my IMEI when I got this code so I dont know to be honest. Maybe they did and I forgot it but I thought this was a universal code but i dont remember.
  18. Yeah, I tried uploading all of the shows to the new site design here but I had some gaps. I did not do a lot of season 3 or part of season 4 so I do not have all of the original recordings to rebuild from. Even if I did, yes, they aren't all easy to pull from a directory like I used to do. I did put my 2 seasons (1 and 2) up on a long time ago but not 3 or 4 for the reasons explained above. To be honest, I am missing a few myself. On a related note, this is low on my priority list, but I have been spending some time getting my personal collection organized and at some point in time, I will make it all available on a hacking archive site of some kind. I have already talked to Jason Scott about this. So I wish I had a solution for you, but no one wants to do anything except sit and wait on me. I guess either someone else will step up or you will keep waiting on me. *shrug*
  19. I am looking to get in touch with these gentlemen via email. If anyone knows them, or if they lurk about, please contact me (re:PP). That is all.
  20. back from Vegas/DEFCON and ready to hack the planet.

  21. Seconded. Also, does this have anything to do with dougtv? would know what, never mind, just no. It is in reference to getting some files from them. That's all.
  22. We usually post a thread here in the forums each year for each conference with the goal of letting people find each other easier at the conferences and set up meeting or just post news or anything else. This is that thread. I will be reachable via twitter (@StankDawg) or by email. I will probably not be on the forums very often unless I log in from my laptop in the hotel.
  23. I'm back to O-town, alive and well as can be expected anyway. It was good catching up to old friends and meeting some new ones (skunkworks, shadowdao, et al...)
  24. is on his way to VEgas for a nice long vacation and then DEFCON.

  25. Originally from a link from my buddy Rax... 1. Key in the first three digits of your 7-digit phone number (NOT the area code); 2. Multiply by 80; 3. Add 1; 4. Multiply by 250; 5. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number; 6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again; 7. Subtract 250; 8. Divide number by 2. How many minds did I just blow?!?!