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  1. I need to find that thread diggers award for this one.
  2. I have been working with a company that handles trade magazine subscriptions and they allowed me to extend the offer of free trade magazines on to my users. This offer was initially only available to donors but is now being expanded to all registered BinRev forum members! Subscribe to the BinRev Donors group for access to offers like this and more advanced content! Basically, these trade magazines want to boost readership so that they can make money by charging advertisers more to advertise in their magazines. They seem to accept most people without too many requirements and some of them are quite good as you have heard me mention on BRR over the years. They also offer some whitepapers and some of them looked pretty interesting. They DO NOT approve everyone for everything. I got turned out for several items, so do not be surprised or upset if you do not qualify. They will obviously need your name and address to send the magazine so you will be dropping your docs to this company, BUT It is important to note a couple of things about that topic: 1) *I* do not have access to any of that information! We just send them the hits and they do all of the processing, I do not see any of your personal information. 2) I did the courtesy of reading their privacy policy to make sure that I am comfortable with it before I would offer this to you all. Their privacy policy looks clean. I also have some other tips, just as a concerned privacy advocate: 1) They ask for an email address to confirm the registration and/or to send renewals when the time comes. Use a WH4F disposable email address if you want or create a SPAM only yahoo/gmail account! Basically, they send you emails a few times per month about topics that relate to their offerings. 2) Some ask for a phone number. Especially for the whitepapers. They probably WILL call you and try to turn it into a sale thinking that you are interested. Give them a VMB number somewhere and let them dump messages into it unless you want to speak with them personally. 3) Be careful with the forms themselves, they can try to be tricky sometimes. They have checkboxes about joining their OTHER mailing list, or getting other information. IF you do not want this, READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY! Some of them say to CHECK the box to OPT-OUT while others say to CHECK the box to OPT-IN. Sometimes they even mix them up on the same page. Read them carefully! I should also disclose that BinRev does get a kickback for any referrals, *but* THIS IS NOT THE REASON FOR DOING THIS! We will not make very much from these. I just like the idea of getting free information. Some of these magazines are great and I would have done this with or without kickbacks from the company. The kickbacks are just bonus. So you can help us out by submitting for some of the magazines and whitepapers that you see on the page. Some of us who are already familiar with some of these publications will post in this thread with some recommendations. The site is: Please post anything that look interesting in this thread, which will remain pinned at the top of this forum for a while.
  3. Well, I guess I should take it seriously since it is coming from the authority on gay.
  4. replaced...Thanks! Maybe an orange or orange-ish font color to match the new skin colors better if you can?
  5. We can set up a sandbox area to test in with our license. It will have to wait until after vacation, but if you want to take a shot at it, we can set it up in a day or so.
  6. Our previous skin is no longer supported and upgraded for the latest version of invision. It will not be coming back. I don't have the time or the artistic ability to make a new one so I can only try to find somethign that "fits" well here and adapt it slightly to our needs. If anyone has experience making skins for invision software, by all mean, lets talk! Otherwise, WYSIWYG!
  7. Default skin.. still a work in progress. I may throw up another option before I leave for vacation tomorrow. Check down in the bottom left of the screen (or right, depending on settings) to see a list of available themes. Check occasionally to see what news ones may exist. We are upgraded to the latest version, which is good. EDIT: Here is the blank space filler for my theme of choice right now... It is called "Paradox" and is avaiable in the themes list. If someone wants to start from this blank frame and make a nice binrev header for the forums, please upload it in this thread.
  8. BR407 Orlando BinRev Hacker meeting.
  9. fixing bugs in invision software and 3rd party plug-ins.

  10. did some permanent account bans and SPAM cleanup thanks to great work from the mods!

  11. Some of you have been around for a long time now and I know that many of you have written to me privately over the years and told me stories about how BinRev somehow changed your life for the better. I love hearing stories about how some of our users became motivated to go to college and/or get job in IT security or programming telephony. Some people made huge life changes and those stories really make me feel proud that BinRev has done something positive for the community. Did someone on BinRev help you in some way? This is your thread to thank them and share your success stories with others who may be watching. I hope that when others see your success stories and how this community has helped each other,m that they will be motivated to help someone else in the community as well. I know that this community has helped me and my absolute best friends on the planet almost ALL came from BinRev in some way, shape, or form. Thank you BinRev!
  12. Gk could mean goal keeper...but it could also be random. Do the other letters any significance in the game? stats?
  13. I will be in NYC October 9-16 (Friday to Friday). I will probably be down in Manhattan Saturday night. After I get a happy ending massage in Chinatown (or not) does anyone want to meetup somewhere and hang out or just wander the city dropping game and taking names? Post here fewls... NOTE: I will only have that Saturday (and possibly Sunday) to do shit. I will be tied up the rest of the week.
  14. new moderators stepping in soon

  15. just passing through for the "i have a few minutes" spam cleanup duty.

  16. hard to type with a broken wrist...horrible pain!

  17. cleaned up more spam but big thanks to chown and wwwd40!

  18. Well, I am not sure if hosting is the best wording there, but now that we are on a nice stable new server, we are able to offer any sites or hacking groups who want their own IRC channel or channels a place to live. IRC.BINREV.NET is our official IRC network and home of a very active #binrev community. Beyond that, it also houses channels for the assorted BR groups (not many left these days), the HPR channel, and many more. If you have a small community and want to have a reliable server where you can have your own registered channels and nicks, run bots (not botnets, lets be clear about that), and join a server that is already active with members that may cross over into your channels or channels that you may also join, then is the place for you. Contact me if you are interested. I'm pretty easy to find. Post a reply to this entry if all else fails.
  19. I think this sounds like an awesome project. I'd like to hear how it goes. It is called a "proof of concept" people. Stop worrying about the purpose and attacking the usefulness of something. SHUT UP AND HACK for fucks sake!
  20. Just for the record, I know that the posts above are SPAM, but they are on-topic responses and someone might be willing to use those services so I am leaving them.
  21. Yes, it is pretty obvious SPAM, but it is on-topic so I just moved the post here (It was in the programming forum) because it is on topic and someone might actually want it.
  22. cleaning up a alittle SPAM...once every few weeks I do this.

    1. StankDawg


      Took about an hour to do that. I'll be back again in a few weeks.

    2. serrath


      We appreciate it. Nice to have shiny clean forums. :)

    3. StankDawg


      spam cleaned up again...getting bad lately. I havent had time to update the software.

  23. report problems or they will not get fixed.

    1. Powermaniac7


      Problems such as?

    2. serrath


      I reported my first problem! :) (Up above in teh shoutbox.)

  24. cleaning up some lingering SPAM from the forums...

  25. Cracking can be harmless too. If it is done on a computer or on software that YOU OWN.