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    I've worked on this project for quite a while, and have discussed it on the conference, but have never officially posted recordings on here. There is a large presence of analog and electromechanical switches still in service in the former Soviet countries. The following are 3 recordings of me successfully boxing some of these switches: East Ukraine, ATSK Crossbar Using SF (in-band 2600 dial pulse) Signaling -- seizing and SFing another number: http://technotite.com/SF-exampUKR1.wav West Russia, Crossbar Using SF (in-band 2600 dial pulse) Signaling -- seizing and SFing another number: http://technotite.com/SF-exampRUS1.wav East Ukraine, Crossbar Using R1.5 (weird bi-directional MF protocol using R1 tones, used in CIS countries) - seizing and MFing another number: http://technotite.com/R1.5-examp1.wav
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    My hacking achievements and blog [interesting vulnerabilities exploited] Take a look at my hacking blog, have found vulnerabilities in a very unique way (found information disclosure) it's not your ordinary XSS or SQLI, so enjoy my post https://z0mbys.livejournal.com/266.html If youre interested in learning and for more things of course, join my server https://discord.gg/upr4CMJ
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    Verizon is a widely renowned online email service which is used by millions of users all across the globe. There are several features provided by this service which makes emailing easier. Verizon also provides the users with prominent customer service, which offers benefits like: Ø The users can easily connect with this customer service at any hour of the day. Ø The users would not be charged any money for connecting with this customer service. Ø The executives at this service are well-trained and experienced, which ensures complete satisfaction for the users. Ø Users can easily connect with these executives via chat process or email. The process of connecting with Verizon customer care number is an easy process, and the users also do not have to wait for long durations to get in touch with the executives. Read More: Verizon customer support number ---------------------------------------------- Verizon customer support number | Verizon customer service number | Verizon technical support number | Verizon tech support number
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    HQ Leak This eBook is being sold on HackForums currently for $89.99 Don't Leech! Leechers will get reported ! Method: In this guide, I will show you how to make a huge amount of money (in Bitcoin) by abusing a new G2A Instant Refund Method that is being sold on HackForums. Read this eBook first as it's a core of my method: G2A Instant Refund Exploit eBook: https://anonymousfiles.io/iAEBuQNw/ G2A Instant Refund Exploit allows you to get any product from https://www.g2a.com/ completely for free. To make this method work, you will need some Bitcoin(because you will have to send a payment for these products, which will be returned to your wallet instantly after making a purchase - this is how this exploit works, but I won’t describe too much here,as everything is described in that eBook.) Many people are using this method just to get free games from G2A, when the best thing to do is to purchase Steam Giftcards instead. Steam Giftcards can be easily sold for Bitcoin on https://paxful.com/ for example. You can’t use VPN - because otherwise g2a won’t allow you to create an order. If we count the time for your Bitcoin transactions to get confirmations and the time you have to wait to create a new order, it's easy to calculate how much can you make daily with this method. So if you can’t change your IP every order, you can use it like 7-8 times per day. 7 * 5 products * 100 $ Giftcard = 3500$ So now you have Steam Giftcards worth $3500. Now what you need to do, is go to https://paxful.com/buy-bitcoin/steam-wal...00#content And sell your giftcards for real money. As you can see, for $100 Steam Giftcard, you will get $62.5 BTC. So if you buy $500 worth of Steam Giftcards, 7 times per day with G2A Instant Refund exploit, you can make ~$2200 BTC. Of course you can go for smaller amounts if you are scared that your BTC won’t be refunded or something, but so far I haven’t experienced any issues. Here’s a link to 50 EUR Steam Wallet Giftcard: https://www.g2a.com/steam-gift-card-50-e...0000258078 and the $100 one https://www.g2a.com/steam-gift-card-100-...0000258074 Some people are using this method to purchase Amazon giftcards, but there is one problem with Amazon - if g2a contacts them and say that these giftcards were stolen (by using exploit), they can remove your balance from your Amazon account and cancel your pending orders. If you purchase steam giftcards and sell them for Bitcoin on paxful.com, there is nothing g2a or paxful can do.
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    NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE Posted 10 Oct, 2019 5:17:31 UTC The new edition of Off The Hook from 09/10/2019 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Hook" - 09/10/2019 Download the torrent here!!!! View the full article
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    I looked up how to hack fire alarm and the first site pops up like TA-DA!
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    A friend of mine more into the computer side of things mentioned that there's some attacks based on strcmp (basically, a string compare function) and the amount of time it takes for the function to execute; basically, the function only executes until it finds a character that doesn't match. So for example, if you enter a password of 12345 but a computer is expecting 12335, strcmp will stop after the second three since no matter what, it's not going to match. So this got me thinking; in a TDM network, there's basically no varying latency once a connection is set up. A lot of IVR platforms like to return strings too, and strcmp is used very extensively for comparing them in exactly that circumstance. If you were to record the amount of time it took to compare passcodes, I'm willing to bet you'd see a tiny difference (as in, maybe a nanosecond or two) in how fast it responds with a recorder. So while if you have a nice network connection without any sort of packetization or anything this could be perfect, the flipside of this is there's a lot of IVR applications that are single threaded; basically, only one request executes at a time. So if someone else is using another channel on it, it might finish up their request before getting to yours. So this may be an attack that works significantly better late at night. EDIT: Heh, yeah,so it occurred to me that measuring nanoseconds over an 8000 samples/second medium might not be a good idea. Not that I'm still not going to see if there's any measurable difference in execution time.
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    I don't know enough about where affiliate partnerships end and begin in public radio, but the station is owned by New York Public Radio, not NPR itself. Certainly it'd be worth at least sitting down with them? Or even one of the locally owned commercial AMs. The show fits a talk format, and a lot of them are definitely open to new ideas to raise value for the property. They could use some help getting up there on the PPM scale. I wonder if the hardest part has actually been getting anyone to talk to them. What with WBAI's reputation for airing conspiracy shit, they might stop reading the second they see that name.
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    I think my wife would kill me if I started putting together a step-by-step in our garage...
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    Chances are the code on that sticker will only work with Toshiba distributed copies of XP, that has been my experience anyway. You might be able to find some Toshiba recovery disks on ebay, Linux wouldn't be a bad choice either.
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    I lost access to an old hard-drive that crashed and needed to be destroy'ed. I was wondering if someone can throw me a grandcentral invite at infinite51@gmail.com Thanks Gents
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    Cool website Aghaster! It looks fantastic!
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    Require Window Hardisk revovery tools , That can recover deleted files after the disc has been formatted.
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    I've tried with two different Atheros chipset mini-pci cards and the RT73 usb NIC. None of them work. I will definitely try to capture the traffic.
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    That is funny!!! drive to the store... the one with buttons on it... LOL for realsies! Can you ask her to make some funny answering machine messages we could put on our local machines?
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    Did you just make up bullshit terms?
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    Do not use any electronic device with a processor, yes, sell everything you own.. even your car and phones. You're unqualified, stupid... and from the looks of it, a blatant liar. Overwritten data cannot be recovered, the bits are irreparably lost, no company will be able to recover the data. The part of the disk untouched may be recoverable, but if the NTFS metadata was damaged... there will be no index of the files on the disk, basically the disk equivalent of a memory leak, bad pointer management. Go away! you're now a chef.. that's your new profession, bake me a cake as fast as you can!
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    Sorry I should have explained further. When you add a phone number and label it as a cell phone, GrandCentral will auto-log you in the voicemail (GrandCentral's voicemail that is) when you call from your own phone. The easiest way to protect yourself from this is to label your cell phone as a non-cell phone. So for example, on my GrandCentral, my main number is my cell phone, however it's labeled as my "home phone" on GrandCentral, even though it's really a cell. This way I always have to enter a password, even from my own phone, thus preventing a spoofing intrusion as well.
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    Pardon me if this seems kinda n00bish but couldn't someone still get in my spoofing your home number? Just sounds like security through obscurity to me.. Of course it might be more difficult for someone to find your home number than your cell number but still...
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    This has nothing to do with DNS, I think you mean DHCP settings. Here is an idea to get him off of your network. Turn off DHCP, clear client list, and shrink your subnet down to only allow for however many computers you have on your network. For example, if you have 5 computers on the network, configure your router's ip as Then you will have (5 IP's left for computers). This will shut him down. Then monitor your network for duplicate IP's. Or maybe he will give up and buy his own connection. By the way, what kind of dwelling do you live in? One thing I forgot to mention earlier is also change the internal IP range to something other than the default 192.168.x.x. Change it to some random 10.x.x.x network. This way it will be vary hard for him to jump back on.
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    Well I pretty sure it's him as his name's Dave & the PC name is Dave, plus there's no Dave in my house! Make sure you read the DNS entries carefully and verify times and dates. It sounds to me like the router has cached the lease information (almost all Domain Name Servers do.) When I look at my DNS leases I see entries from two years ago that say 'connected.' Could be- will check next time he's on. Can't honestly say I've noticed a loss of bandwidth when he's connected. How would I check his connection isn't downloading - I only know how to monitor my own usage and not other connections? O and it's a detached house btw
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    Can I get a .img of ur hd pl0x? Sure I'll just attach the image to a PM then, shall I? What could you possibly be planning on doing with 750GB of encrypted data anyway? >.>
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    I use PGP Desktop's whole disk encryption instead. The decryption key is required to boot, and as soon as the computer is off, the hard-drive is completely inaccessible. That paired with the Windows XP memory dump feature (If enabled in the registry, pressing ctrl+scroll+scroll causes a BSOD, and the OS crashes -- instant shutdown ), keeps my computers nice & secure from potential "prying eyes". If I was really paranoid, I could set up a UDP client/server system whereby a key combination on any computer would knock em all off. It would have to be something quite obscure though, cause I'd hate to hit it while gaming. (I've had problems like that before )
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    I dont have the charger for the computer, and it just died before I could get the info, so give me a day or so to get a charger for it then I can give you the info you need. and thx for the advice. moral police....
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    Hello GizM, A little more info would be helpful when you post a question, like which OS you are running. Assuming you are using Win XP you can search for Ophcrack in google. D/L the ISO, burn it and run it on your machine. Most of the time you can gain admin within 5 to 30 min depending on how strong the pass is. I have not tried it is Vista so I'm not sure if it will work with that OS. Good luck.
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    i no what he means his saying that livinded said bebo is a game, and bebo is like myspace. and his saying that livinded is being rude to me telling me that know one is going to help me wasting their time on a script. when im posting in a nubiehq place.
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    LMAO--I was mermerized by the site--all of the glowing goodness ..but seriously I am contemplating on ordering me a pair I'm getting a pair, trying to figure out where to order. I'm going to get one of those battery operated glow sticks in there too About 12 or 13 years ago, I remember kids had shoes that would glow (usually red or blue) around the heel when you stepped on them. Anybody remember these? They would light up, not glow. And they still have em. Damn kids running down the street at night...
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    My town is served by a GTD-5, but I'm new to the phreak scene and not really sure what different things to try or record. If you guys have anything you'd like to know or try, let me know and I'll record it.
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    28.8 means something to me, the speed of the pcmcia modem i had in my toshiba 100mhz old school lappy. but seeing how i'm only 12 yrs old, my first online experience was when i was in the 7th grade. 'WORD'
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    Hey I don't have a rootbeer, so I am going to ruin you're happiness.
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    I usually do all my phreaking with my Digital Blue Mixman MP3 Producer Music Mixer
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    Or even sites like pricewatch.com You can still find most of the older AMD Duron's and whatknot for $30-40.
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    No, this particular box is running Windows.
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    You might say that.
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    Yeah, I don't think AT&T had much choice in the matter. "You will cooperate with us," says the NSA, "or Bad Things will happen."
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    after stearing at the image and trying four different numbers thats right 4 attempts 317-278-1529 you will hear a weird beeloop sometimes you are now in the conference
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    Did you read my post? Fortunately, in this case, there is no thousands block pooling and the entire prefix is assigned to the switch.
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    http://www.binrev.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16467 I made a thread about this same thing last week or so. It's got more info in it. MODS: Please move to *nix forum.
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    FreeSCO works well, as mentioned. I've had an old 486 running FreeSCO for several months without a reboot for anything other than software updates or adding more interfaces. It's been running over 3 months unattended, with several power outages and the like, so it's reasonably stable.
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    The port number is largely irrelevant because almost all programs use TCP ports 1024-65355 for connections due to those BELOW 1024 are reserved. FTP runs over 20/21 but ever notice that your FTP transactions (data transfers) are typically carried over high number ports?
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    All it shows is i60? I imagine that's the beginning of an ip address, you could try sniffing your own connection, to see what's going on
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    I work with a lot of ex-employees of WorldCom and I heard a funny story about this guy maybe 6 months ago. I guess a little bit before he got indicted he had decided that the company was loosing WAY too much money due to the amount of coffee the average employee drank. He set a new rule that stated that managers and supervisors had to monitor how much of the company supplied coffee each employee consumed in a day. This all in an effort to find the myserious coffee thief that was putting WorldCom into bancruptcy. It turns out he knew all about coffee theft but claimed to have no idea about all that money "missing" .
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    droops, whats going on with infonomicon? I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering.
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    It really would have been had I not seen it done better by Leo Laport before. Kevin even asked alot of the same questions and had him demo the same CID spoof that he did. When I first saw the broken I thought it was ok, I still do, but I lost a lot of respect for Kevin when I found out that he was regurgitating other hard work without giving proper credit. On the other hand, he has done a million times more than my ass has ever done so I give him credit for that. Morgan Webb > Sarah Lane
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    I visited the haXXXor site, and amazingly found something interesting... Can anyone verify the truth or nontruth of this? I'm a little skeptical about this, because cash is anonymous and has no information about the person spending it, nor the person recieving it. Why would a system like yowcow be different. <obDigitalCashRant> We have cash, which for all intents and purposes is anonymous. The cash can be tracked through the system, but individuals making use of it can not be. Cash is also property. Why can we not have the equivilant of this in the electronic world? The algorithms exist, and have existed for a long time. Places like egold could in theory come close, but the partners it works with ensure that personally identifiable information exists, and egold does not guarantee that you have access to your money in all cases except a court order. At their discretion, they can deny you access to your property, so it's not at all the same. This sort of thing tends to bother me, on so many levels... </obDigitalCashRant>
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    same goes for fark, it's really bad when it's big computer news, and the site gets farkdotted
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    Gold coins? Oh yes, multi hundred dollars coins would be SO much better. Yea, and I mean, really, Mao China and Stalinist USSR, I mean, was it REALLY that bad? Sure, I mean, the government just killed millions of people, but only if they were terrorists. Man, im SO glad we dont have it that bad here. *Disclaimer: Don't reply to this attacking me. Because if you do so you take everything I say seriously. Which would be sad.
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    people have been saying our society is bound to collapse any minute now for YEARS, i doubt any shit's gonna hit the fan anytime soon, probably in a couple hundred years, but we're here to stay for the short term at least.....until we run out of oil...but thats a differnet story