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    what's up phellow phreakerz?!?!?!?!? just looking for music recommendations/discussion about electronic music that at least has a similar feel to the pstn. i always wondered what someone like aphex twin or dj shadow could do sampling the phone system. has anyone extensively sampled the pstn? i admittedly don't have any great leads on music that feels this way, but it's gotta be out there right? the closest i have found is maybe music has the right to children by boards of canada, kind of sorta yellow calx by aphex twin, maybe oneohtrixpointnever? this is all really vague and none of these songs really sound like anything you'd hear through your headset. if this just turns into a discussion on electronic music in general i'd be just as delighted. and now, for something completely unrelated - a phreaking-centric tabletop rpg campaign would is kind of a dream of mine. imagine the dm sets up some pbx or asterix box you would have to gain access to, and you could social engineer the npc's. you could dumpster dive and the dm would have some roughed up print outs to sift through. if i ever have money i'd pay an arm and a leg to have someone dm this - so look out for a post on this in a couple decades. hope all is well with everyone. i really miss the scene, not like i was ever all that active, but every day that passes i'm more aware that the pstn gets more and more sterile, and that time is running out on us. yr friend, samo
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