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    We're working on getting a new BinRev IRC server up, to cut over from the current server hosted by SoldierX. The new server is currently in testing, you can connect, register your nick, and join at: binrevirc.com There's no hostname/IP cloak, so if you want that you need to set up a vhost with HostServ. We're running on IPv4 and IPv6, allowing both cleartext and TLS encrypted connections. LetsEncrypt cert, no self-signed nonsense. We are currently allowing tor on the main IPs, that will likely change in the future.
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    This thread has inspired me to purchase a huge CRT Sony Trinitron from 1994. Then set it outside some apartments just to watch people try an lift up. The only flaw is, I will need to carry out there.
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    I'll try that. I liked being able to put a volume on a thumb drive and mount it on any operating system. That was my "cloud storage" solution. LoL
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    Hey everybody, Im kinda new to all this and I have a question about a website Ive been looking at lately. I know this website is very insecure and vunerable to SQL injection. I can access any of the user accounts on the site but I cant seem to find Admin. I think the Admin login must be seperate to the main site because I know the Admin address and when I used it together with SQL injection at the login page it didnt work. This is strange because when I do this with any user account it works. Also I have looked through the /images directory of the site and seen the "admin_images". These all look different to the login the main site. If anyone has any ideas Im open to suggestion. Thanks in advance.
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    Nice irongeek hope to see you at PN !!! im getting a ride with CURBOB ! I never even done RDP exploit so now I dont need to set it up I took etter fun to extreme levels http://blip.tv/file/1185726/ link to both sets of code 301 and the SMB_RELAY attack http://forums.remote-exploit.org/showthread.php?p=94904
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    I'm a total newbie. I tried learning basic C programming from White-Scorpion. It helped a little. Where to I find and set the bytes for the logs. I defined the gateway as #define cmailserver "gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com" Is this the gateway? I was able to telnet to it and connected successfully. Thanks for your quick response.
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    maybe instead of taking down their sites, you should just shower them with garbage information. Make a generator, that makes plausible sounding loginnames and passwords.
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    I find certain things in this thread very amusing that I will keep to myself...
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    I decided to look on the forums, and found that Im missing intense topics under the 'Hacking Software-Hardware' such as:
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    FUCK forgot to log in.
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    Thebroken.org is a site for beginners (noobies), as some of you have said. I don't think that kevin is trying to be leet because he knows that the people that are at his site know little about hacking, but would like to learn more. This is why he puts links to his site onto the techtv articles about his shows. The things that he teaches in his episodes are not very advanced, but it gives some of the people a good idea of some of the things that hackers do. As you've probably guessed, i am a member of thebroken, and i am a "newbie", but everyone has to start somewhere, and thebroken is the best place that i could find. I look forward to seeing the videos that this site makes, and hope that they go more in depth to what they are talking about.
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    I have no luck. This software supports only mono files with sample rate 11025, 22050, 44100. I'm not going to convert every single file to comply with this software.
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    i can do the pager thing with my cell phone- u call it up, press 5 (depending on service, i have att wireless), and play the tones (if you dont do any, it will just send your cpn) pretty cool.. is that what yall are talking about?
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    In exactly the same place, as far as I can tell.
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    No way Strom, life would be a little grayer and duller and a over all... actually its all pointless but let us rejoice in the pointlessness; its all pointless and that’s the point.
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    Confidence: Y0ungBra1n, I think you've pretty much nailed it there. edit: had to put that damn zero in your handle.
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    The bootable USB drive is not really the best way to play around with Linux because usually the USB installs are not persistent. By that I mean that when you boot into the USB install and make changes to the OS such as screen background WIFI settings or anything else really they aren't saved. Rebooting causes all the changes you made to revert to whatever they were when you initially setup the install. I have a secondary hard drive in my PC with Ubuntu installed on it. With a dual boot system like mine you can use Windows or Linux according to what you want do. This really comes in handy when Windows crashes and you need to recover files. With dual boot any changes you make in the OS are saved and you can get really learn a lot about Linux.
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    Ive noticed this on a few web pages and wondered what it meant, when you go to the home page or login page you can type any directory name into the URL bar and it will always show the same page. Example: http://www.example.com/ http://www.example.com/example/ http://www.example.com/example/example 2 All of the above URLs would show the same page as the 1st example. (These are not meant too be actual links, just the general idea) If anyone has any advices as to what this means please reply
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    I'm working on a new issue. http://ticom-tech.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-cyberpunk-techncial-journal-issue.html
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    I use a 2500 as my main phone myself. For the most part, it's a fantastic phone. If you make a lot of calls though, the touchtone pad really starts to show wear; I've had to bend the contacts back into place quite a bit. By the way (sorry, I know I'm really veering into off topic territory here), is there any way to increase the gain on these pads? One of the frequencies is at a borderline acceptable level (-25dB), so sometimes IVRs or whatnot don't always recognize that I'm trying to send touchtones.
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    Announcement: As of last week, the unofficial binrev IRC server has been decommissioned. I know that a few people still liked to hang out there, but honestly it just became too much to maintain. As of now, if you see the name "BinRev" or any other reference to the Binary Revolution, StankDawg, the Digital DawgPound, or any other similar reference anywhere out there, be aware that it is not endorsed or approved by us. The simple reason why is because there were a lot of accusations being made about people in our IRC channels. Since no one is actively managing and monitoring that channel, frankly we did not know what is or is not going on on that server. Rumors started, fingers were pointed, things were said that cannot be unsaid. For that reason, I decided that it was best to just shut it down to save everyone's reputation, even if i have no evidence of wrongdoing. I just don't have time for such nonsense. If people just behave better, then I wouldn't have to do this. Look, IRC is the wild west and people get pissed at each other and launch attacks and accusations at each other and that is what ruins reputations. Such is the nature of IRC. I do not want my reputation or the BinRev reputation to be tarnished by false accusations. I do not know who pissed who off or whether someone did or did not do anything. I do not know what is true or what is not true. I do not judge without evidence. All that I know is that bad accusations were made about some IRC users and I don't want any part of it. If people can't play nicely without fighting and accusing people of doing things, then I am tearing down the playground. So whatever rumors are out there about BinRev or me personally (or anyone else for that matter) take that with a grain of salt. Anyone who has been here for any length of time knows the integrity standards that we uphold here and I continue to be disappointed in this community an how badly we attack each other. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR! Some people just live to start drama. The continued attacks on my integrity, and some of our users integrity, should be something that you should be ashamed of. If people have evidence against INDIVIDUALS and want to present that evidence, then address them individually. But do not assume that we at BinRev approve or are related to any of it. Just because someone hangs out in our forums or our IRC servers or anything for that matter, that they are somehow endorsed or approved by us. We do our best to moderate our systems and we don't always catch everything, especially as shorthanded as we are. So for that reason, the IRC server is going down since we cannot moderate it properly. It is only a matter of time before this site and the forums go down next. Sad but true. My shift is over unless someone picks up the reigns. Will the last person to exit, please turn off the lights.
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    Wazzup?🔥 n00b over here. Willing to learn new things and share things too.
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    Hello... as you probably know, TrueCrypt has been discontinued for some time with no good reason. Some of you would prefer to stick to BitLocker or Linux Full Encryption. However, if there is still someone that preffered the old TrueCryot and would like to have it back, there is an alternative, called VeraCrypt: https://veracrypt.codeplex.com/ It is basically the same as truecrypt, but the authors claim that they have enhanced its security. I don't think there has been a security audit on this software by now, but if you are interested/able you can probably do this yourselves, or just trust it. Happy browsing and encrypting.
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    What is it with all these television sets I've suddenly been finding dumped along roadsides lately? Most of them still seem to work and some are pretty nice for what they are. Just hauled a really nice working $2000 1997-model 50" Sony 3-CRT projection set out of a road stub by an apartment complex in Vancouver a couple Mondays ago. (The red tube is a little bit misaligned but can probably be adjusted. That I got to it before the vandals did is even more surprising.) With the dozen or so TVs now in my possession I'm almost starting to feel a little bit like shango066 must.