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    Imagine if the Internet regressed back to 24.4, 33.6, or 56K for 24 hours? Will never happen, but made the start up sound on meh Windows to a 56K modem connecting. The memories. :-)
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    Thank you Simple Note! For making a native Linux app with markdown you are AWESOME! Good bye Evernote! Your web-app just sucks as do your mobile apps! Here is a hint: functionality over JavaScript blinking and sliding widgets!
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    Does drinking Rum all day make an alcoholic or a Pirate?
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    Interesting to see a negative rep point on a post... Wish I knew why. Heh.
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    How come when the NSA does it, it's cyber intelligence and not Facebook Stalking?
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    40 is the new 21, right? Then how come it feels like 100?
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    Sipping bourbon, writing code, and wishing binrev people a Happy Gobble, Gobble day.
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    Does anyone really read the first 30 pages of a book that explain the book? Maybe I've just gotten good at baptism by fire when reading a book?
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    We're sorry, but the number you've dialed was lost in the 70's. Please figure out time travel, then try your call again.
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    Somehow found myself ass deep in telephony today. Punchdown blocks?? I thought Ethernet cable was messy. :-$
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    Man will never be free until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last Preist