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    Converting to XP from anything post-Vi$ta is an UPgrade as far as I'm concerned. Was the hard/SS drive on the Toshiba mounted in a removable "tray" that you access from the underside of the laptop or one of those stupid things where you have to remove the keyboard to get it? I had a couple old Toshiba laptops that had the former setup. (OP edited by scratchytcarrier: fixed the linefeed spacing that got all messed up during the forum software conversion. You're welcome.)
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    I like this place. I don't want to see it go under. Yup Where do I sign up? DONE!!! ep0653 :: Intro to Black Box Testing Hosted by Heisenbug on 2011-02-02 I have a cool stirplate hack on there. Done. Yup Haven't done that yet, but will. Haven't done that yet, but will.
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    A few complaints. No offense but why does this site's design suck so badly. I miss the old design from 2004, but these days it borders on pure dysfunctionality. How difficult would it be to go and dig up the old look and throw back it up here...it might be a step in the right direction to attracting new users.(and some of the old ones) If you don't give a fuck...why should anyone else? One other thing. I realize that everyone gets older and moves on in life...BUT being a hacker is something you are for LIFE. I find it very lame that the priorities of you and all of the names you mentioned have changed that drastically, where they don't even acknowledge their past.
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    not everyone is the same as me, but I'd love to help if I had any direction. I don't have the knowledge to just jump in and contribute, but maybe I'm just not the kind of candidate you need right now.