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    Hello! As an aside, my grandparents lived just outside Oneonta, NY before they passed away. Here's the link to the local ham club: https://www.qsl.net/nc2c/, don't know how active they are, if any, but it's worth a shot. Ostego County also seems to have an active RACES organization (https://www.otsegocounty.com/departments/volunteer_opportunities/otsego_county_radio_amateur_civil_emergency_service_(races).php), and it would be in your best interest to get to know those folks and at least be neighborly. Now if you get a 2m/70cm HT you'll be able to hit a few repeaters in the Central Leatherstocking region, and that's about it. If you can afford $70 you should be able to find a used 2 Meter base station that'll give you an extra 10dB of power output which with an antenna you can build yourself will let you talk with the locals out to about 20 miles or so depending on the terrain, maybe a little further up and down the Susquehanna River valley and into the Catskills. If you want to talk further without assistance from repeaters you'll need to get down into the HF bands. - Ticom (Tom) Editor, Cyber-Tek Zine (est.1990) https://www.cybertekzine.com/