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    Some recordings came to me from a source that I trust of phone calls from Russia and around the Baltic area in general, taken 2 or so months ago and in a few of the recordings you'll sometimes hear tones before people answer the phone. I'll put a compilation together soon-ish and upload here for people to hear. The audio can be tinny in places, nothing I can do about that unfortunately.
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    I am really glad I found this discussion, it helped tremendously on trying to figure out how to program my Ernest ETX. some notes from my experience: I could not find a 16x2 LCD on Ebay with just 14 pins. Most 16x2 LCD displays now have 16 pins. The extra 2 pins are for powering the LED back lighting. Pin 15 is 5VDC + and pin 16 is 5VDC -. This point is almost useless in my case as the PCB on the phone did not supply enough power to drive both the LCD and LED back light at the same time. I could not get anything to function properly until I disconnected the power (pin 15 and 16) to the LED back light. As far as wiring the contrast (terminal 3 on LCD) I tried using a jumper wire from pin 2 (5VDC +) to pin 3 (contrast) and I was never able to distinguish anything appearing on the LCD. I also tried it with the wire disconnected and with it just wired to the IDE connection on the phone PCB, no luck. I then tried wiring a 10k Pot with one side to pin 2 5VDC+, the other side to pin 1 (5VDC-) and the center terminal to pin 3 (contrast). At this point I could adjust the contrast to clearly read the LCD display. The pins on the 16x2 LCD were clearly marked but I was unsure of the pin configuration on the phones PCB where the LCD plugs in. This is the pin orientation of the socket on the phone PCB that I found: This is as you look at it on the phones PCB board with the phone standing up in regular position. Top 14- 13 12- 11 10- 9 8 - 7 <This is where the indexing notch is 6 - 5 4 - 3 2 - 1 bottom I am now able to access the programming menu on the LCD I hope this helps anyone looking for it. When I started this project I was told I could not run the pay phone off a voip system. That is not true, I am currently running this from an Ooma voip box. I had to connect a GE wireless phone jack system with the master connected to the Ooma Telo, and the slave unit connected to the Pay Phone. It seems the GE wireless phone jack system reproduces the old landline voltages much more accurately than the Ooma Telo Voip box. If anyone has any experience in programming the Ernest ETX I would appreciate some guidance. I would like to program the phone so all calls are free (it will be mounted inside my home). It would be even better if I could program it so the caller had to place a quarter in the phone but it was returned when the handset was replaced and call ended. I have been through the programming features and have not figured out how to achieve this.
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    We know that in Russia and the former soviet states -- there's much more to be had than CCITT5 still. Me and one or two of the other BinRev people have located about a dozen or so (still finding new ones) switches in that area that still use in-band 2600 signaling -- even more surprisingly, these switches use 2600 SF/Dial Pulse signaling rather than MF! 2 of said switches we've managed to find out a way to reliably bluebox/SF-box -- and there's one that is still a work in progress, and it is yet to be determined whether it's SFable or not.
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    May I please handle this? Thank you! We are mostly Developers, System Administrators, and Analysts. Linux can send a 3000 page Office Document like a champ. Bits are transparent moving across the physical wire. I'd wager one year's professional salary Linux boxes move more Word Documents than Windows platforms. Are you Recptionist? My GF is and can use Word and Excel like a pro. She is actually certified in Excel and Power Point, the certs hang above her cubical. When a Windows System Admin, I ran my Win10 Pro workstation in a VM (level2 hypervisor) on Linux. I could backup snapshots and have an IT workstation in case the worst happened and some CEO infected the entire Domain with some CIA Bitlocker MS-0Day variant. Simply boot Linux, put virtualized nodes on HA, and then run automated re-installs. I could also do simple but professional level I.T. things without needing a CAL for every other connection. but capitols are different letters. should ms revert to case insensative passwords? Really, this shows a serious lack of Computer Science knowledge. :-)