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    The preferable way to dial in is by using a telephone line from your local telephone company.
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    True that. This one, kinda irks me too. There was another Obama Attack on the interweb as well. I think the biggest problem is these are people who are technically illiterate, and don't have enough insight into technology to pass the laws for the better. Obama is a lawyer, Bush was a Texas Oil Tycoon, Palin is a Barbi Doll, and thst is how they run/ran our country. They also look out for the better good of the lobbyists who line their pockets with campaign dollars. Political actions like that have been around the Internet, from a law enforcement perspective, since it was opened for public consumption. I mean back in the days, the FBI spent more resources to catch Kevin Mitnick, while child molesters and murderers were walking the streets. Basically because he "stole" from companies that shell out money and fancy gifts to people in office. Politics are always gonna be screwed up, and they affect more than just he Internet.