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    T-Mobile? That doesn't make too much sense, T-Mobile (and its predecessors VoiceStream and Omnipoint) never operated analog networks. Matter of fact, neither did Sprint. T-Mo and Sprint were all digital from their inceptions. my first cell phone was an omnipoint "flip" phone... the flip was just a small plastic piece that covered the numbers when flipped closed... around 1996 or so....
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    When I was living with my ex GF, I swear someone was fuxing with RF. Randomly Bluetooth would stop working... WiFi would would be crappy, cell reception would be crappy, and remotes would not would work to TV's. Remote batteries would die in like one week - and I had to get really close to the T.V. But then everything would just work normal again...... But I was living with a cute girl. So I'd just go get laid till things worked again. LMAO
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    What... the... hell...     Very bizarre... Seems to 'scan' for conversations, because I heard a few different rings before it locked into something.   Also seems like an international sort of company?    http://www.npanxxsource.com reports the whole 4xxx block as being established in early 2014, as part of Bandwidth.com, so it's some sort of virtual... Conference? PBX? Not sure. But interesting nonetheless!
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    One thing I've taken to doing is using a Dialogic program I made to take my calls. One of the great advantages, aside from having a copy of the message you can stick anywhere, is getting real uLaw. Makes it nice for situations where you're at a distant phone, and want to record something unique on three-way. Last I checked, the Panasonic machines used some sort of CELP and some of the cheaper ones go as far as using some sort of vocoderized thing like AMBE. Recently, I've been debating whether I have the time/willpower to turn it into something that does a George routine like in the Evan Doorbell recordings. Sometimes I'll change it up though, and have my calls go out to a Laser voicemail box. A while ago, I heard on good authority that the system runs on not one, but two Windows 95 machines. Woo cloud!
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    I dunno which is which, but there's at least a few different manufacturers of AWOSes. Doing a search for 'manufacturer "AWOS III"' came up with this; http://www.faa.gov/airports/aip/buy_american/media/nationwide-buy-american-waivers-issued.pdf So there's the All Weather 3000 and 900s, and the Vaisala AWOS series. There's a PDF somewhere of approved devices that's a little more comprehensive. I dunno who does the voice, but one thing I've noticed is if you start hitting random DTMF keys, even though the announcement doesn't stop, it seems to be listening. If you press enough, it'll hang up on you in the middle of a report. Also, this particular AWOS sounds like it could be even older then the Hood River one; 760-767-3308.