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    My understanding is the switch portion of the packet switch is called a call agent (typically -CA0 or whatever if you're looking at a CLLI). A media gateway is just something that takes analog or TDM trunks/lines or whatever and interfaces them with the call agent. Sorta like a huge ATA. What differentiates a packet switch from a circuit switch (as far as I know) is that a packet switch internally uses packetized transport, while a circuit switch uses a time slot interchange to connect traffic. Though this isn't always black and white; sometimes media gateways have time slot interchanges. I guess if you want to be all lawyerly about it, that's technically not part of the switch. Then there's the term softswitch. As far as equipment vendors are concerned, I honestly think that's just a bullshit marketing term. A softswitch, as they put it, is a switch that's based entirely in software. A lot of packet switches will consolidate some components from the design of a circuit switch into software, but they're sold as custom, proprietary blades; there's a snowball's chance in hell you're running CS-2000 or Metaswitch software on a vanilla PC. There are things like Freeswitch and Asterisk that are actually softswitches, but the line between what is and isn't called one has been blurred by marketing weasels.
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    I have an internship with a company that does work with VoIP, and I hear terms like "gateways" and all those VoIP terms a lot. Basically, a gateway is a router configured to connect to the VoIP world (at least in our case, we have a hosted VoIP system) whether that be a "softswitch" (basically what ThoughtPhreaker said, a bullshit marketing term to make people buy their product), a PRI, T1 line, or a POTS line. The analog equipment (like a POTS line) is connected using cards installed into the gateway, we use FXO cards to connect our POTS lines to the gateways. The remote buildings have their gateways pointed towards our call manager, from there we manage all of the Cisco VoIP phones. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, all of our equipment is Cisco. On another note, I find it funny how Cisco run EVERYTHING when it comes to IT! All of our phones are Cisco's, all of our cards are Cisco's, hell Cisco could easily be compared to Ma Bell back when they ruled the telephone system. Their VoIP phones are built well, but god forbid the back stands breaks on the back of it, they are a pain in the ass to take apart and put back together. I'm not kidding when I say it took me fucking 20 minutes to try to put the back on a Cisco 7940!
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    I've tried calling 10-10-XXX numbers over VoIP providers, and I haven't had any success. Is there a reason why 10-10-XXX numbers don't work over VoIP? Do they only work with POTS lines, or is there a way to call those numbers using VoIP? I'm curious to know, it's something I haven't put time into researching because I haven't had that time for a while now.
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    NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE Posted 12 Jan, 2017 4:19:55 UTC The new edition of Off The Hook from 11/01/2017 has been archived and is now available online. "Off The Hook" - 11/01/2017 Download the torrent here!!!! View the full article
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    Thanks for the help, everyone who replied. Attached is a basic diagram of how I set this up. Just got it working today. Sorry, my diagraming skills suck, but only I need to look at them. Haha
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    File Name: Binary Revolution Radio - 001 - The Premier! File Submitter: StankDawg File Submitted: 13 Jan 2010 File Updated: 14 Jan 2010 File Category: Binary Revolution Radio Original Release Date: 2003-07-08 Hosts: StankDawg & w1nt3rmut3 first ever binrev episode, mut3 has been introduced to engineering and hacked redhat at the same time, Stank plays <a href="archive/www.webtalkguys.com">webtalkradio</a> clip, <a href="http://www.spitzner.net/">Lance Spitzner</a> gets f**knut of the month, who is "Juarez"??, journalists with integrity..waaa?!, props to Andy Sullivan, emails/feedback are important, "hacker" term discussed, hacking should be fun, zilterio..WTF?!, companies don't report hack-ins, stank gives the customary 30 days after finding an exploit, blended threats: wave of the future or blast from the past?, props <a href="http://www.oldskoolphreak.com/">rfa</a>, dual, logan5, DDP members, bland, shouts to the <a href="http://www.2600.com/">2600</a> meetings, send email to: letters [at] binrev [dot] com Click here to download this file
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    nose smush [edit] Now I want some sushi......
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    Yeah, I know, but it didn't seem right to crop Droops out. ← Just because you didn't doesn't mean someone else isn't going to!
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    Cant answer for the misses, but it looks like droops is thinking that the GHB he just slipped the camera guy is going to be for an amazing time.
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    If you really want to have a beginner book on Hacking you may want to briefly cover EVERYTHING that falls under the hacking umbrella. A history lesson is not essential but helpful, and make sure its accurate if included. Basic theory of electronics, telecommunication systems & network systems. A chapter on how not to be a retarded script kiddie or wares hacker, while promoting the education of these systems to make better legal use of them.
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    Update! Someone within the past few days may or may not have attempted to donate bit coins to us. I asked around the hackspace and none of our members know anything about a potential donation. Perhaps they were scared off by the lack of anonymity of our bit coin transactions. I have fixed that at the bottom of the page. We don't accept Dark coin yet... but we do accept bitcoin. We account for these records as if they were gift cards so we don't need to know exactly who bought them and when. If you are in Helena and want to pay for membership, don't use the anonymous donation... because I won't be able to figure out who's paying for membership(dur).
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    Well, for me, I have POTS mainly because I'm on lifeline service and I have a discount on it (thanks to Southwestern Bell, and yes I know it's now called "AT&T"). You're still able to get it IF you're willing to pay the price. For anyone in Texas (where I'm situated at), SWBT charges $11 in their dumb taxes and fees (they made the USF fee higher than it's U-Verse counterpart) Just ask your telephone company or ILEC or "CLEC" to initiate service. (PS: This is the first time I've seen anyone wanting POTS. No offence meant.)