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    I am coordinating a worldwide volunteer-based exchange scanning project. This ongoing project intends to catalog all telephone numbers in the world, one exchange at a time. Volunteers are needed to manually hand-scan exchanges and input data into publicly-accessible spreadsheets. This is strictly a philanthropic endeavour, and all information acquired will be freely available to the general public, void of any advertisements or hindrances, on a permanent basis. Volunteers are expected to: Call each telephone number within the assigned exchangeAccurately record detailed notes to the provided spreadsheetComplete their exchange survey within one year of assignmentObey all applicable laws For maximum accessibility and compatibility, the Google Docs platform has been chosen for data entry and organization. Because of this, all volunteers are required to have access to a Google Account. To volunteer, please complete the volunteer exchange request form. Volunteers may request any exchange not already assigned. If you would like to volunteer, but are unable to place phone calls yourself, please contact me, as we have technology available that may make it possible to still contribute. Spreadsheets available @ http://www.wardial.org/ Michael R. Wally, Coordinator World Wide Wardial Project Michael.R.Wally [at] gmail.com https://plus.google.com/+MichaelWally/