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    Hey Binrev, Long time. Anyway, I am in grad school for chemistry and a program we use to interpret and manipulate NMR data called VNMRj is exclusive to unix systems. I could really really use this program but am using Windows 8 currently and don't particular want to run a MAC emulator ( I would just dual boot first I think) but was wondering if anyone knew if there was way to set this program (maybe in a virtual environment using the emulator?) up to run on my windows machine. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/crim_int/hackers_e.htm Apparently nobody told these guys about Hack Canada ... My favorite part is the poor definitions of computer terms. ""computer password" means any data by which a computer service or computer system is capable of being obtained or used; " Well money isn't too much more than little bits of magnetic data on a card these days ... Does that mean if I buy a computer in Canada I can go to jail for compromising its password? O_o? -@®©1-1@/\/GE1_