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    I have this stupidly basic site that i have to make. I was assign to make a site that i would post reviews on. Well i made it super basic. took me about 3 hours maybe a little less, and now i have it up and when i was checking it out on my phone, it loads fairly slow, which im fairly sure is because i have a fair amount of images. Now i was wondering if there was a way i could make it faster? Also i posted a few weeks back asking for help with making a mobile version. I ended up kicking the idea for it isnt required and would require more effort than i am willing to put forward for no return Well here is the link, im putting the whole url here so everyone knows it is hosted so deep... astro.temple.edu/~tud51411/index.html Any pointers, suggestions, maybe errors i have missed, ect. Thanks Peeps, ~5imp7y ps there is an error or well formatting issue i am aware of, on the interactive images (image map) it isnt centered. I haven't figured it out yet, but i think it just isnt uploading my editing copy right. some ftp issue i think... <center> tags are there in my dreamweaver copy but not online no matter how many times i upload it.....