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    Due to some unfortunate incidents with the administrators of CryptIRC, BinRev has moved its official IRC server. You will need to reregister your handles and channels. Work is still being done on the IRC server, including stats and kwotes. Please be patient as we work to resolve any bugs and add necessary features. The new server is located at irc.binrev.net. You can join in the same channel as always (#binrev). Please start making the transition off CryptIRC and on to irc.binrev.net. Thanks for the patience and all you do to further the community.
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    This one: http://www.elcomsoft.com/archpr.html in second place i'd say this: http://www.lostpassword.com/rar.htm
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    Hi, I have a RAR file encrypted with a password that i have forgotten, now i know brute forcing would take a looong time so i want to do a dictionary attack because i know all the possible words in the password and i know that there's an "_" in place of spaces and only 2 special characters "@" and "!" at the end and a 3 digit number that i know as "123" just cant remember the order everything went in. However i can't seem to find any software that would allow this level of flexibility, do you guys know of any software that can give this kind of flexibility? I don't really care if its free or 100$ as long as it works thanks in advance
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    You may have seen some of these on display at HOPE last month. Those were the lucky people who got the first ever batch of the new 2600 hooded sweatshirt. Now, they've been made available to the entire world. http://www.2600.com/news/view/article/12264
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    Syndicated ThursdaysA chance to showcase other Creative Commons works. We try to expose podcasts, speeches, presentations, music, etc that you may not have heard. If you have suggestions for items then send your recommendation to admin at hpr and we'll add it to the queue.Today it's the turn of The Cyberunions Podcast, http://cyberunions.org/. Cyberunions is a project exploring the intersection between trade union organising and new technology. Rather than seeing technology as a set of tools, we see cyberspace as a space, where people work, organise politically, are entertained and educated, and engage in many fields of human endeavour.Todays show is The Cyberunions Podcast - Episode 46: gIMMI net freedomz http://cyberunions.org/the-cyberunions-podcast-episode-46-gimmi-net-freedomz/We speak to Smári McCarthy of the International Modern Media Institute1:30 May Day updatesGood day in Mexico CityGood article about the new and old left coming together in the USInteresting times across EuropeElections in the UK (local), France and Greece6:00 Tech updateApple finally credits Open Street MapsDuckduckgo searches Open Street Maps if you search !osm8:00 Interview with Smári McCarthyInternational Modern Media Institute builds media freedom best practiceMakes Iceland the best country in the world to host informationTime to go on the offensive to assert net freedomIn the US, free speech is easy to suppress at local levelFree speech laws are 200 years out of date and not fit for the information ageNever waste a good crisis - it’s an opportunity for change Go to this episode
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    Frank Bell describes the process he uses to prepare photographs for posting pictures on his website. The goal of the process is not to transform the pictures, but to enhance them, and includes sharpening, adjusting the contrast and brightness, cropping, and resizing. Frank walks through applying the process to a snapshot from his deck garden.Blog post of the pictureLinks:GIMP homepage: http://www.gimp.org/The MeettheGimp videocast: Frank's camera: http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/s/finepix_s3200/Potter wasps (Wikipedia): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Potter_waspFrank's brother's eagle pictures: http://www.pineviewfarm.net/weblog/2011/12/eagles-reprise/The pictures from the podcast:The unedited original: http://pineviewfarm.net/misc/wasp/HPRwasp1.jpgThe picture sharpened: http://pineviewfarm.net/misc/wasp/HPRwasp1-sharpened.jpgThe picture with brightness and contrast adjusted: http://pineviewfarm.net/misc/wasp/HPRwasp1-b_and_c.jpgThe cropped picture: http://pineviewfarm.net/misc/wasp/HPRwasp1-cropped.jpgThe resized picture: http://pineviewfarm.net/misc/wasp/HPRwasp1-resized.jpgBlog post of the picture: http://www.pineviewfarm.net/weblog/2012/05/wasp-2/ Go to this episode