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    I havent seen too many people posting numbers anymore so if you have anything cool, post it here. 1-860-524-8123 SNET time 1-650-930-9000 TELL ME main number 1-416-661-0123 Toronto weather 1-516-922-wine dial a dirty joke. (Jackie Martling) 1-212-966-9999 Teleport's 5ESS Midtown switch 1-212-614-6464 center for constitutional rights 1-212-660-9101 New York Donut 1-612-379-2255 Twin Cities Info Line 1-305-614-0000 busy verifcation by the operator is not allowed on this call 1-631-285-9911 Suffolk County, NY PSAP (911) 1-541-967-0010 some old US WEST recording 1-856-767-9903 [booop] excuse me, please deposit ten cents (broken) 1-206-343-0011 [sit] this call requires a coin deposit *(cool one) ...now lets see what everyone else has!