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    So I have access to 5000+ Windows systems on a LAN, each of which has 200+ GB of free space. So, a petabyte. That's a fair bit of space. I'm looking for software that will combine this free space into a kind of distributed mega-harddrive, using a decentralised communication and redundant block storage to distribute and securely store the data while having it accessible from any point on the network with the right authentication... Kinda like Ceph or MooseFS, but for Windows. Any suggestions? I've had my eye out for a while, so I'm not expecting much. If I don't get any hits I'll develop the system myself (in my spare time), but it's a bit of an undertaking, so I'll need some skilled assistance if anyone is willing. Edit: The computers are owned by the organisation I work for (they're all on a Local Area Network), and I have the necessary permissions to implement this system if I deem it feasible. (i.e., I'm not pwnzz0ring grannies and usurping their hdd space.)
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    Hi everyone, I have that problem in my Compaq lp, and no time to spend some for new battery, while im on surfing, i found this Laptop Battery Doubler, then try it... Link removed by Ohm @mods, Is it ok to post it like that, if not, please remove it... Hope it can help