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    Hi all, Been busy for a while and was distracted by other facets of life. Signed in today was reading some of the posts to see if anything major or interesting has happened and not much has changed as I expected (no offence). So it seems no harm there in being temporarily gone. Now as I was reading some of the posts and a reply to my "Everything is Assumed" thread I noticed I had been down rep to -6 so I checked the Binary Revolution forum index page where it has a list of where you were down repped and which it was in like each thread over a long past with no replies as to why...I in some ways don't care but was wondering has another spam bot got lose or some dumb-ass, or did I make a thread that offended some community and they say it and one of them joined and down repped me for that. Anyway I was also wondering if this had happened to anyone else as well. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    I'll try to help, but I want to ask something, could you first tell me how you hacked Powerschool admin, if you can tell me that, I'll try to look around once I get into the Powerschool admin to help you out, I should be able to do this, and I really need to login as admin for my school too. Please if you can help me get in, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. P.S. Is there any information you would need if you could help?
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    Howdy all! Another noob CS grad to add to the club wanting to learn security/hacking. Look forward to meeting and learning here
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    So, I tried to hack my school's powerschool. So far, I managed to hack powerschool's admin account. I also got PowerTeacher admin previllage. But I got this problem. I can't view Teacher's password. I clicked on editing teacher's security setting and stuffs, but those passwords are masked. I can change those passwords, but can't see it. changing passwords are too risky.. is there anyways to get powerschool teachers' password with admin account? I don't care if its md5 encrypted password. In moodle, I was able to get backup datas of moodle, and in there I found md5 encoded passwords, and decoded it. So, is there any similar stuffs in powerschool? I don't care if the process if complicated. . If there's any solution, please please, tell me. Seriously its only a step more to take, and its driving me crazy.