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    Because it is a common occurance in this forum in particular, I thought that I would post a clarification for anyone who may post here that INTENT is a very important part of your post. Intent is a legal term that shows what your goal is and is similar to a confession (in advance) to what you are trying to accomplish. I think an example may clarify... BAD QUESTION: GOOD QUESTION: The reason why these posts are different is the intent of the posts. The first example is a request for assistance in doing something illegal. This is not (necessarily) a statement towards the MORALITY of this action, but more to the LEGALITY of asking here in these forums. By stating your intent, that makes me liable for any actions that may result from the responses posted here. It can be claimed that I not only allowed, but encouraged it by allowing the thread to exist and allow responses to it. This is one of the reasons that we have certain rules. The second post is better because it does not state any intended purpose. It is a simple question and we do not know what your intent it. I trust that anyone posting like this is doing it for reasons of their own and are probably testing out the security on their own box that they control. I give all users the benefit of the doubt. But if you post something that explicitly states some intent, then the moderating team is forced to take action. I also remind our users to LET THE MODERATORS HANDLE THESE. Do not quote the rules at people because ultimately only the moderators are trained (and yes, they do get training) to be able to intepret this. Hacking is about exploring. And breaking/hacking wordpress (or anything else) is a valid topic and very much encouraged for discussion. You just have to be doing it for the right reasons. If you are doing it on your box (or assumed to be doing it on your box) then this is good, healthy curiosity and an educational pursuit. This is great and we welcome that pursuit. All I am saying is "THINK BEFORE YOU POST". Thank you.
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    It is possible, but that's not the issue here. First, this isn't that kind of place. If you want to discuss buffer overflows and SQL injection and XSS, that's great. Let's discuss that. Even if you want to discuss how a certain piece of software may be vulnerable, great, let's discuss that. But what this place isn't is "hackers for hire." Had you spent at least 5 minutes reading the threads here, you would have seen that. It's also interesting that you think hacking this site is the answer to the problem. Hacking is not a tool to be used on a whim, for revenge, or even justice. So, first off, read the rules. In particular, guideline #3. Second, if you wish to stay here and discuss computer security, please do so. If, on the other hand, you just want someone to do your dirty work for you, kindly fuck off. Topic locked.